Haunted Residences in Alabama

Old homes often have the creeks and odd sounds that come with age, but what if it wasn’t the settling of a residence that is causes unrest with a property? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the houses and mansions in Alabama with a reputation for housing unsettled souls and paranormal activity.

The Plantation House , Prattville

The ghost that haunts this house in Prattville is the former owner, Mr. Davis, who took his own life during the early 1920’s. It is said that the ghost enjoys flirting with women by blowing in their ears and touching their backs.

Hudson House , Ashland

In an isolated area, there’s an old house in Ashland with a reputation of being haunted by a handful of ghosts. Weird voices and footsteps can be heard as you walk around the house. Sometimes, the sounds of a dog panting when none is around can be detected. Some say if you stand in front of the house, you can feel someone tap you on the shoulder. At the top of the roof, an eerie figure has been seen running about.

Gainswood Plantation , Demopolis

A handful of ghosts have been reported to haunt this house, including Evelyn Carter , the sister of a housekeeper that worked at the plantation during the late 1800’s. The scent of a man’s pipe mysteriously enters the study, which is believed to belong to the ghost of Colonel Gaines. Some people claim to have felt as if they have been “pushed” while in the house.

Moody Brick House , Fackler

During the night, witnesses claim to have seen through the windows a woman in white carrying a candle from room to room.

Drish Mansion , Tuscaloosa

Constructed by Dr. John Drish for his wife Sarah, this old plantation home has had its fair share of odd occurrences and ghostly encounters. After the passing of Dr. Drish, Sarah lit candles while he lay in state. After the ceremony, she locked away the candles and gave instructions that they were to be burned when her funeral was arranged. Over time, Sarah’s health began to falter and she became to develop an obsession for burning candles. After she died, her friends and family became too preoccupied to search for the candles.

Sarah was buried without a ceremony. Shortly after her passing, the tower where Sarah burned the candles for her husband had caught on fire. When fire crews arrived to put out the fire, it was gone. No evidence of burned wood or the smell of smoke was left behind. This was not the first time that the ghostly fire would take place. It happened a couple of other times, leaving people to wonder if there was an arsonist causing the ruckus. Then, one night after one of the fires mysteriously disappeared, the ghost of Sarah Drish made herself known.