Haunted Roads and Streets in Maryland Part 2

As you travel down the open roads and busy streets of Maryland, take a look at the following destinations to see if you will pass by any. You never know what haunted tales you will uncover when traveling in your car or walking down a dusty road.

Fletchertown Road , Bowie

There have been many stories surrounding this road, as it is the location where the “Goat Man” has been spotted. This creature is believed to have escaped from the Department of Agriculture Research Center, where a supposed experiment went awry. The subject was said to involve the breeding of humans and animals. However, the Goat Man gained a reputation for killing people and then eating their bodies. This was a tale that was quite popular during the 1950’s and 60’s.

During the 1970s, it was reported that something that looked like “half man and half beast” was sighted by the side of the road. It was described as having red eyes and wore clothes that were stained with blood. When it comes to popular ghost stories , the Goat Man certainly tops the list. Today, the road has been widened and housing developments have grown in the area. The original road used to consist of one lane and was guarded by a lot of woods.

Church Road , Broomes Island

On this road, you will encounter an old cemetery, where legend has it , if you circle the premises three times , you will meet with a fog that appears after the third rotation. Some people claim to have heard the unexplainable laughter of young girls.

Patuxent Road , Odenton

A narrow bridge in the area is the location of a late night tale. It is said that if you venture out to this sight, you will encounter the cries of a baby. Some nights are said to bring about the vision of a ghostly female who seems to be pushing along a stroller, which appears at midnight. Some people claim to have seen a car that suddenly appears in the middle of the night and then vanishes without a trace.

Black Rock Road , Poolesville

Two teenaged ghosts are said to haunt this road, where they met a mysterious death when their car crashed into a small lake located by an aging water house. The visions of the girls have been spotted during the nighttime when people have turned off their car lights. It is said that if you honk the horn a couple of times, you will wake the spirits. People believe that the ghosts will emerge out of the water and tap on the car door. Another strange occurrence on the road has been reports of bright headlights that are seen heading down the road, but then disappears without a trace of a car.