Haunted Saskatchewan Hotels

When visiting the Canadian provinces, you may want to keep in mind where you make your hotel reservations because you might be choosing a stay at a haunted establishment without even knowing it. Throughout all locations, there are hotels, motels and inns that possess legends and paranormal tales filled with vengeful apparitions, as well as ghostly encounters.


The Saskatchewan Radisson Plaza, located in Regina, can be found within a busy commercial area in the southern part of Saskatchewan. Numerous guests have reported a variety of odd events that have occurred during a stay at the hotel. Throughout the night, many have complained about the noises they have experienced from within their rooms. Guests were not the only ones to encounter paranormal activity throughout the Radisson; employees also experienced their fair share of the unexpected and unexplainable.


On many different occasions, both hotel workers and guests have sighted apparitions on the premises. Many described the encounters as seeing an apparition and then experiencing a sudden vanishing. While completing their duties, employees have witnessed the unexplainable movement of chandeliers that start to swing to and fro. While cleaning up the Royal Suite, maids have encountered odd occurrences during their rounds. For example, cupboards that appeared closed at first would start to erratically open on their own. Once, a vase flew from its position for no reason at all and crashed into pieces.


Some believe that the paranormal activity throughout the hotel is said to be caused by the unusually high amount of suicides that have taken place at this location. If there were certain places within the hotel that seem more haunted than others, it would have to be on the 5th and 8th floors. Some employees simply will not set foot on these floors because of what they fear they may encounter.


In Saskatoon, which is a city located in the central part of Saskatchewan, the Delta Bessborough Hotel can be found. There is a ghost who is known by the employees to roam about the premises. The ghost has been described as an older man, who usually appears in a gray suit with a fedora upon his head. Employees tend to see this figure walking about the hotel in the banquet level. His ghost tends to walk about the late part of the evening. If you should happen to cross paths with this resident ghost is not considered a threat. He usually smiles at those he encounters and goes about his business, not bothering anyone or causing any harm. Some have said that he is so lifelike that you may not even know it is his ghost that you have met up with. If you happen to share your encounter with the staff, they will most likely share the tale of the ghost with you; it is a popular story for those who have been working at the hotel for a long time.