Haunted Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is the middle section of the three main prairie provinces within Canada. Before European settlement took place in the area, the land was inhabited by a variety of Native American tribes, including the Algonquin and the Sioux. In this article, we will explore some of the haunted spots throughout Saskatchewan, including the Prince Albert Arts Museum.


Visiting some of the attractions within the province, you may happen upon the Prince Albert Arts Museum. When the museum is closed in the off-season, strange events have been known to occur during the night. For example, lights can be seen turning on and off, as well as unknown images appearing in the windows.


The province offers a few abandoned mines filled with haunted tales. In Beinfait, you will find the Roche Percee Mines. At this site, numerous strikes, as well as murders took place during the early part of the 1900s. It is believed to be haunted by ghosts from hundreds of years ago. The term given to these ghosts is rugeroos. These Native American spirits are quite old, supposedly possessing the ability to transform into animals. They have earned a reputation of being quite mean and are said to cause harm if you do not leave when they appear. Although no words escape their lips, they have been known to growl. As you leave the area, some have reported sighting two red eyes staring in your direction until you completely leave the site. Some claim to have seen these spirits turn into animals before their very eyes. The main animal that these spirits tend to change into is often the coyote. Another haunted abandoned mine can be found in Estevan, which is said to showcase the dancing rituals of Assiniboian Indian ghosts. Other tales deal with the interactions between fur traders from France and fallen mineworkers, who have been spotted inside an abandoned bar.

Interested in a gamble? You will find that and more when visiting the Casino Regina, located in Regina. It is said to be haunted by employees who were once employed at the area train station. Unexplainable voices have been heard on the premises, as well as the opening and closing of doors without the help from anyone. All of this has been captured on film. Also, in Regina, you will find additional haunted spots, such as the Government House is inhabited by a ghost called Howie, who has a reputation of creating stomping noises on the back staircase. The house, which is now Magellan’s Coffee House, once occupied a woman named Rose, whose ghost has been spotted roaming about the upper floors of the premises. Her image has been sighted looking out of the window. Lights have been known to go off on their own at this site, as well as the unexplainable sound of a woman singing. The coffeehouse offers tours of the premises regarding this legend.

Other haunted locations throughout the Saskatchewan area include the McKim Building in Saskatoon, as well as the Phantom Light experience, which can be found in St. Louis.