Haunted School Houses Ghosts and Spooks

Scary School
From: J Gerten ([email protected])
Story type: Ghost

Location: Northeast Colorado

Source: Form Submission

Back in 1982 my father got a job getting an elementary school ready for the next year… since we lived in a small town he got me a job to help him. We cleaned lockers and polished floors in this two story small school house. I had a friend of mine who I talked into helping out one day, and since I got to use the car the next day I drove my dad home to the town of crook and me and dave decided to spend the night at the school finish some cleaning up and pick up a couple girlfriends and go to the resiviour to frollick. So we went to the local hole in the wall restraunt got some grub, went up to the library turned the boob tube on and settled down for the night. Now being a small town they roll up the sidewalks and pretty much call it a night. So were grubbing watching whatever great 80s tv show that was on when we heard a locker slam shut HARD. Now the school is locked tight,the only window open is on the second floor where we were. It got the blood pumping pretty good. Then the halls seem to come alive, lockers opening and closing. Now were on the second floor and weve had enough then lighting crosses the sky, a thunderstorm,and a big one at that, so thinking the hounds of hell are after us we turn off all the lights tv keys to car in hand decide to run for it..slam door open head for the only staircase in the school lighting crashing lockers slamming on their own its all a##hole and elbows to get out. We hit the ground floor in about ten seconds (felt like half an hour)… get to the main door slam it open when the biggest lighting bolt hit the garbage area 50 feet away from us hits and instant thunder… we scream.. jump into the car and were gone.. Ive had lots of weird stuff happen to me in that area with other people so i know it wasnt just me.

Story from http://strangegr.tripod.com/strangeandparanormalactivities/id13.html