Haunted School Tales in New York State 1

Step into Monroe Hall at the State University of New York at Geneseo school and you may encounter the ghost of a six-year-old who is said to have lost his life in an accident when the construction of the dorm was taking place. With reports of his appearances about the halls, the students have affectionately given him the nickname of ‘Eric.’

At Hauppauge, you will find that both the middle school and the high school hold scary tales of their own. The Hauppauge Middle School is thought one of the oddest learning institutions in all of Long Island. In room A-22, it is believed that a ghost with nothing but revenge on its mind haunts the premises. It is known to pick up pens and toss them about at people. At the Hauppauge High School, it is the bathroom located downstairs that produces odd sounds, such as strange music. Some claim to have spotted the image of an unknown man who wears a flowing black cloak.

Head for Pembroke, where Pembroke Middle School is home to the ghost of a girl that often strolls about the balcony and stage of the auditorium. It is said that she lost her life when she fell off of the balcony and died.

The Plattsburgh High School in Plattsburgh harbors the legend of a ghost named ‘David’ , a boy who was killed on the front lawn of the school. It is believed that his spirit walks about the school and pushes into freshmen. Sometimes, his screams have been detected around the yard of the school. 

Unfortunately, if you attend Flanders Elementary in Malone, then you have quite a scare hanging over your had as the school was actually built on top of a cemetery that happened to belong to Native American sacred grounds. Some claim to have sighted ghosts on the playground, as well as a ghostly spirit who is believed to use one of the bathrooms on the premises. In the region, it was not uncommon to discover human remains in the vicinity.

At the Marcy Elementary in Macy, it is “The Field” that carries the theme of fear for students. In the middle of the night, reports of a girl unexplainably screaming about the back of the field have been documented. Sometimes, the sound of strange music plays on the field. As you approach the field to investigate the noise, the music stops, but as you walk further away , it seems to start up again.

In Rome, the Rome Catholic High School holds an after-hours school program, where several sightings of ghostly nuns dressed in habits have been documented. It seems that they have taken a liking to the lab rooms located upstairs. On occasion, the lights have been known to flicker on and off on their own. Windows mysteriously open and shut, and the water has also turns on and off without warning.

At St. Bonaventure, St. Bonaventure University is home to Devereux Hall, where the upper floor of this residence hall was supposedly shut down after a séance amongst students went horribly awry. At the time, a student actually lost their life. To this day, students claim to hear noises originating from the floor. Some have even reported sightings of a ghostly jogger, who likes to run about the halls.