Haunted School Tales in New York State 2

In Bronxville, Concordia College has numerous scary tales surrounding its school. For starters, Bohm Hall is believed to serve as the haunting grounds for a ghostly girl who was raped in the past.  Feth Hall is the site where the ghost of Rev Dr. Henry Feth is found. A trip to Rippe Hall may bring you face to face with the spirit of a small girl who once lived in the house before the dorm was ever constructed. In Sieker Hall, the ghost of a pre-seminary student who succumbed to pneumonia is said to haunt the premises.

At St. Helens School in Rochester, Sr. Mary Catherine was a former principal at the school that encounters a fatal accident, where she bled to death before help had a chance to come. Before passing away, she raveled to the tower. To this day, people swear to hear her calling out for help and screaming. Some have even gone as far to claim that they have seen her ghost crawling up to the stairs, moist likely trying to reach the bathroom located in the tower.

Daemen College is located in Amherst, where you will find Curtis Hall. Rumor has it that a fight broke out between two brothers, which led to their deaths. It seems that they both hung themselves at the same time but on separate sides of their residence in Curtis Hall. Many state they can feel their presence of the brothers, as they have been known to play a trick or two on people who visit and work about the hall. Some of the things they have been blamed for in the past include moving chairs about the rooms and tying knots in the shoelaces of students.

Lansingburgh High School located in Troy is the site of a haunting that involves the ghost of a killer known to wield an axe. The ghost of ‘John’ is said to dwell in Room 243 , the same location where the odd sound of children playing and running about is sometimes heard , even after hours. The ghost has been seen carrying around an axe and is believed to have participated in a mass murder that took place in 1936. 

The Wellwood Middle School in Fayetteville is said to host a resident ghost that lost their life during a skiing accident. Some of the things attributed to the ghost include slamming doors, as well as wandering about the hallways. 

In Red Creek, the Red Creek Central School upholds the legend of a ghostly construction worker who passed away while working on the building during the same time a new gymnasium was being placed in. Some claim that his spirit is found about the gym.

New York University in Manhattan presents the thrills and chills of Brittany Residence Hall, where unexplainable music and lights have been reported about the premises. In the rooms, people have heard unknown footsteps filling the air. Many feel as if they are being watched. The basement is also a sight to see where paranormal intrigue awaits.