Haunted School Tales in New York State 3

When traveling to Elmira, you will encounter Elmira College, which possess two dorms with scary tales and legends of their own. First, we’ll take a look at Cowles Hall, which is the site of numerous reports concerning floating lights that have been seen down some of the halls. The unexplainable sound of people whispering has also been detected.

When walking about the building, many people are overtaken with a rather odd feeling and it is quite rare for locals to enter the building when they are alone. This also goes for the campuses’ own security guards. Legend has it that good and evil are split equally down the center of the building.

Elmira College is also home to Tompkins Hall, which has an empty room located on the fourth floor that no is allowed to live there since the late 1960s. Rumor has it that this room is haunted and the residential staff is aware that the door is locked even though lights have been known to turn on. Across the hall, a picture is said to hang on the wall of a former student (a sister who happened to be a nun). It is believed that she haunts the room ever since her sister lost her life on campus. Students believe that she is still waiting for her sister to appear so that she can surprise her with a visit.

A trip to Annandale-on-Hudson will deliver you in the midst of Bard College, where Blithewood Mansion stands. It has been an ongoing occurrence that students and faculty have been aware of strange noises and poltergeists that are said to dwell within the mansion. Some witnesses have claimed to encounter the ghost of a young girl aged between 8 and 12. Her spirit is believed to make itself known about the house and in the surrounding gardens.

The State University of New York in Purchase actually has a cemetery on its campus. If you have the pleasure of studying in one of the college halls located close to the cemetery, you may encounter an unexpected thrill, as the nighttime is known to bring about a collection of odd and strange occurrences. Rumors surround the school as it is said that a mental institution actually thrived on the premises close to the college. Some believe it once stood in the space located behind the woods. The woods are also the location where a suicide took place , someone had shot himself or herself using a rifle.

Rochester, New York is the site of two paranormal tales. The first is found at Gates Chili High School, where a young boy lost his life in a car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. He was only a junior at the time. It is said that he still haunts the school , in search of his girlfriend who at the time was pregnant with his child. Throughout the night, people have claimed to see the image of his car speeding about the school grounds.