Haunted School Theaters in California

Hold a wake at a school for a former teacher and you may contribute to a lingering spirit refusing to leave. A former teacher named Mr. Letty is believed to haunt the Little Theater , also known as the Drama Room , at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera. In this article, you will encounter other haunted school theaters, including a college theater in Oakland.

El Rancho High School , Pico Rivera

A former teacher named Mr. Letty is believed to haunt the Little Theater , also known as the Drama Room. A wake with a portrait of the teacher was held on the premises and it’s thought that his spirit never left the room where it was held. Odd happenings that take place at the theater are blamed on Letty, including costumes that slip off of racks and onto the floor without warning. Unlocked doors mysteriously become unlocked. Lights flicker on and off. Late at night, weird sounds are detected. One account involving the ghosts came from a student who claimed to have spotted the face of an apparition take a peek through a curtain in the office of the theater during a drama class.

Redlands High School , Redlands

The theater at the Redlands High School is thought to house a collection of spirits, including the ghost of a teenager who lost his girlfriend when she was killed in a car accident. Devastated by her passing, he had a habit of climbing into the air ducts of the theater to write poems about her. In an accident that took place in the theater, the boy lost his own life. To this day, he is believed to haunt the theater at all hours. In most places, his poems have been painted over, but his spirit is thought to remain at the theater.

Rocklin High School Theater , Rocklin

The Rocklin High School Theater has a resident ghost of its own that has been given the name ‘Billy’ and is thought to be behind an assortment of incidents. He is blamed for writing the word ‘help’ on the unpainted part of the theater wall that two students and a teacher were in the process of touching up. Another odd incident to take place in the theater involves a mysteriously ringing cell phone. It was located after school and locked in a cupboard for three days until the owner could be found. On the third day, the phone started to ring, prompting a student to unlock the cupboard and answer it. However, he missed the call, but decided to dial *69 instead. It so happened that a student who had already graduated the school was visiting and was on the other end of the line. After some discussion, it was discovered that the female student hadn’t called the cell phone in the cupboard. The activity on the phone remains a mysterious.

Highland High School Theater , Bakersfield

Dwelling in the Westley Anderson Hall of the Highland High School Theater, the spirit of an older man is said to play tricks on people. Some of his antics include turning off stage lights when people are on the stage. However, during a performance, he doesn’t mess with the lights, but is said to sit and watch. Others claim that the ghost whispers in the ears of onlookers and likes to search through the costumes. Another ghost believed to haunt the theater is a girl (about 16 to 17 years old) who walks about the stage wearing an outfit from the 1950s.

Mills College , Oakland

The campus theater is found at Lisser Hall, where a ghost is believe the haunt the building by walking from one end of the stage to the other side.