Haunted Schools in Alabama I

Schools with reported hauntings are notorious for scary bathrooms, flickering lights, and doors that slam on their own. In this article, you will learn about the ghosts accused of causing the paranormal commotions in some of the school in the Alabama region.

Bottenfield Middle School , Adamsville

When students in the band give a performance or practice in the choir wing of the school, some have claimed to see the ghost of a young man that likes to appear and then quickly vanish.  

Alabama Avenue Middle School , Albertville

During the night, the sounds of slamming doors and flickering lights have been detected at the Alabama Avenue Middle School. Some students have found that after locking their locker, they return only to find it mysteriously unlocked. There are also times that the eerie sounds of kids fill the hallway when no one is present.

Banks Middle School , Birmingham

Halloween at the Banks Middle School means the 6th grade section of the girls’ bathroom is a scary place to be. With the sounds of slamming doors and an intercom that clicks on by itself, it is the presence of a teacher that killed herself on the school grounds that some believe causes the odd occurrences to take place. Sadly, the teacher took her own life because the disruptive students truly drove her ‘crazy.’

Old Rehobeth High School , Rehobeth

When the clock strikes midnight, you may catch sight of the ghostly janitor that appears as you drive by the front of the school. It is said that he will wave to you. The janitor died while he was in the process of cleaning bathrooms at the school.

Owsley County Elementary School , Bonneville

The gym of the Owsley County Elementary School is the site where another student killed a girl during school hours. It is believed that the ghostly girl still runs up and down the gym bleachers, haunting the bathrooms, and appearing in the mirrors to other students. It is said that the girls’ locker room is no longer in use because of all the strange happenings that have taken place.

Huntsville High School , Huntsville

After late softball or basketball practices have commenced, people claim to hear the sounds of unexplainable footsteps and teenage laugher through the halls , even when everyone has gone home.

Marbury High School , Marbury

During a picture-taking session for homecoming, a cheerleader fell from the goal post and died. It is said that on homecoming night, standing on the 50-yard line after a game and calling out her name will make the ghostly teen appear and walk in your direction.

Mobile Christian School , Mobile

It has been reported that by students and coaches that the sounds of people playing basketball in the gym when no one is around has been heard. On the football field, game announcements have taken place when no game has been in progress.