Haunted Schools in Alabama II

What happens when a former principal refuses to leave their school , even when they’re not alive any longer? You have a school with a resident ghost that may or may not have the best intentions in mind for the students and teachers. Luckily, for the Hill Elementary School, they believe their ghost is lovingly watching over them.

Hill Elementary School , Munford

The former principal and founder of the school, Ophilia S. Hill, is believed to haunt the school. The principal lost her life when she was struck by lightning as she stood outside of the school. It is thought that her ghost remains because she feels she is needed to protect the school from any harm.

Wetumpka Junior High School , Wetumpka

Under the gym floor, an old pool is found even though it hasn’t been in use for many years. At certain times, you may encounter unexplainable voices or catch sight of flashing lights. Some people claim to have heard the sound of splashing water and at times , noises as if someone was drowning.

Sumiton Elementary Middle School , Walker

While working in the boiler room, a man died on school grounds and ever since, his ghost has reportedly appeared in the vicinity , roaming the school throughout the day.

Corner High School , Warrior

In the early 1800’s, an old cemetery stood where Corner High School was constructed. In order to build the institution, workers removed the tombstones and built over the graves. During the night, it is said that if you keep a keen eye open, you may see spirits walking up and down the halls.

St. Bernard Preparatory School , Cullman

It is said that the ghost of a little boy can be seen looking over students in the girls’ dorm as they sleep. Another ghost believed to roam the campus at night is that of a monk who has been reported to have a ‘floating’ appearance.

Decatur High School , Decatur

At the high school, there have been reports of apparitions and unexplainable footsteps that have taken place.

General Forrest Middle School , Gadsden

The odd happenings that take place in the 6th grade basement have been attributed to the supposed haunting of General Forrest.

Tse Ho Tso Middle School , Fort Defiance

A fire that took place at the middle school is to blame for the unsettled souls of children who died in the blaze. They are believed to haunt the school gym, as well as dwell in the girls’ locker room. Some of the odd occurrences people have encountered at the school includes lockers that open and close on their own, moving benches, and unruly showers, faucets and toilets. Sometimes, the sounds of giggling and unexplainable voices have been detected.