Haunted Schools in Alabama

As the school bell rings, you never know what ghostly encounters happen before, during, and after school hours. What happens when the school bell rings and there is no school to speak of? Ghostly occurrences such as these have been known to take place throughout the state of Alabama. This article deals with some of these paranormal events.


At the Bottenfield Middle School in Adamsville, some of those who have attended their band practice or tuned their voices for choir claim they have seen the ghost of a young man, who may appear at any time of the day, but vanishes before you get a chance to get a real look at him.


Students who attend the Heritage Bible College (located in Huntsville) have heard the rumors of the ghost that is said to haunt the WHBC Frat House. When night has fallen, it is said that the ghost of a former youth minister named Anthony Stephens can be heard as you walk through the house. Witnesses believe he is responsible for the unexplainable flushing of the toilet that happens in the middle of the night. Others claim they have witnessed the ghosts of Stephens’ associated named Robert Ekisbus and Adam Cooper, who are set to follow him around, causing odd noises and events to take place.


At the Huntsville High School in Huntsville, people have reported to hear odd footsteps and the laughter of teens that sound like they are gathered in the hallway. At night, these ghostly occurrences have been known to take place after the school’s softball or basketball practices are well over.


In Birmingham, the Banks Middle School has a girl’s bathroom located in the 6th grade section that has a mind of its own when Halloween strikes. While all the students are in class, the sound of doors slamming shut has been heard.


The “Old Girard” School, which can be found in Phenix City, is located on the south end of Sandfort Road. The building was destroyed in 1994, but the site is still located next to a graveyard. During the summer, cold spot are felt in the area, where the winter season brings hot spots. Some witnesses have reported that the sight of ghostly children is known to fill the space, dressed in 1930s clothing. Others claim to have heard the ringing of a school bell in the middle of the night, even though the abandoned building is without power.


As you pass through Gadsden, the General Forrest Middle School holds the tale of a haunting by the efforts of a man by the name of General Forrest. Witnesses have reported that strange things are known to take place in the 6th grade basement.


Munford is the home for the Hill Elementary School, where the former principal and founder of the school, Ophilia S. Hill, is believed to haunt the school. Unfortunately, Hill met an untimely death when she was stuck by lightning as she stood outside of the school. She died outside and some believe she refuses to leave the school because she still wishes to protect the students of the school.