Haunted Schools in Oregon 2

In this second installment of haunted school in the state of Oregon, you will encounter the tale of a high school that might be haunted by a student who drowned in the onsite swimming pool, as well as a university thought to have an old headmistress that doesn’t know when to let go of her former position.

North Bend High School , North Bend

At this school, there was once an old pool situated underneath the sophomore hall. Sadly, a young man lost his life, as he drowned under unknown circumstances. This is probably why a rumor has evolved to include the ghost of a restless soul that supposedly roams the hallways when students are passing from one class to another. Other oddities to occur include unexplainable flashes of light, weird sounds, and doors that open and close on their own. Sometimes, items have been tossed around a room. If you visit the school , you won’t find many North Bend staff members spilling their guts , they much rather keep the strange incidents under wraps. However, for a handful of years , the students have acknowledged the weirdness that takes place on school grounds.

West Oregon University , Monmouth

Head for Todd Hall on the campus of West Oregon University and you will find a building that serves a great purpose when Halloween rolls around. It is said that this former all-girls dorm housed a headmistress that was known for keeping an extra eye on the girls that lived under her care. After working many years at the dorm , she finally retired. The hall was even named after her. There is a rumor that her ghost can be seen about the building and that she is to blame for the several odd occurrences that take place at the hall, including the motion detection sensors that go off in the middle of the night. When someone is sent to check out the ruckus , no one has turned up to set off the alerts.

Griswold School , Helix

It is believed that the ghost of Dr. Griswold (who was the founder of the school) and his wife haunt the school and have been spotted taking a look out of a window located in the gymnasium. It has been reported that the ghost of Dr. Griswold has been seen on a more regular basis.

Cheldelin Middle School , Corvallis

In the gym located upstairs, a janitor suffered a heart attack and died. It is said that when the doors have been shut and locked , his ghost is responsible for unexplainable whistling. The sound of keys and the pushing of a broom are also attributed to this ghost. Sometimes, lights will turn on by themselves.

Pacific University , Forest Grove

Take a trip to Knight Hall and you will encounter a facility where music activities and classes took place. However, this is also the site of a haunting of two different spirits. Paranormal activity has been spotted by an assortment of students, as well as staff members , all dating back to the 1940s.