Haunted Schools in Oregon

In this article, you will encounter some of the haunted learning institutions that are found in the state of Oregon, such as a high school where a couple of high school sweethearts were killed in a car crash and may have found a place to call their own in the afterlife. Other establishments listed include Lewis & Clark College in Portland and a high school where something sure spooked a former janitor.

Elgin High School , Elgin

When the sun has set and night has taken over  – the gym of this Elgin school is where the sound of unexplainable running and dribbling basketballs have been heard by the likes of teachers, students, and janitors. Rumor has it that two high school sweethearts were killed in a car crash, as they made their way to a basketball game. It is their death that is attributed to the odd happenings that take place throughout the gym and the rest of the school.

Lewis & Clark College , Portland

If you travel to the center of the campus around one in the morning (easily found by following a map) , you will feel like someone or something is in your presence. Some people have claimed to hear unexplainable screaming and yelling, as if a crowd of people were coming closer to where they stood. Very rarely, a host of apparitions are sighted about the campus center being chased by a group of other ghostly images.  

Marshall High School , Portland

It seems that a former janitor who worked during the night reported to have heard odd sounds while working, even though she had always been the only one on the premises. She even claimed to have heard something calling out her name when she was alone.

University of Portland , Portland

The theater is the location where students have encountered the ghost of a young girl that is said to haunt the premises. Her spirit has been spotted in the draft room, basement storage, and on the stage , when it was late at night. It is reported that the ghost likes to touch students while they are at work and will even disrupt music stations or the volume if it is not to her liking. The ghost is often described as wearing a Victorian-style dress that dates back to the 1900’s. Sometimes, she is wearing a hat with lace trim.

Tigard High School , Tigard

Entering the Deb Fennel Auditorium may have chills running up and down your back, as there are ghost stories about this part of the school. It is believed that a former student who lost his life during his senior year has now claimed the auditorium as his haunting grounds. Legend has it that he is the culprit behind a lot of odd sounds. The students have also reported ghostly sightings. There are also reports of lights turning on by themselves, papers being moved about, and strange occurrences that students like to attribute to the resident ghost of the school.