Haunted Schools in Utah 1

When the school bell rings for some junior highs, high schools, and colleges scattered about the state of Utah, some students begrudgingly enter some of their classrooms because of the tales attached to the rooms. In this article, we will touch upon some of the haunted tales associated with schools in Utah, such as the South Summit Middle School in Kamus, where a ghost is quite fond of the water.


The South Summit Middle School located in Kamus is a location in Utah where a ghost is said to have already almost taken the lives of two people. The ghost is known as “the Pool Ghost” who is said to lurk about the school swimming pool. Legend has it that she will attempt to pull you under, which is unfortunately occurred to a few people. Some people believe her spirit also haunts the basketball court.


In Byron, there really is a such thing as the Rocky Mountain High School, which is known for unexplainable things to occur. No, the ghost of John Denver does not roam the halls, but it is said that you can hear people in the weight room, even though there is no one to be seen. Rumor has it that someone hung themselves in the room and now haunts the premises. In the typing room, odd noises, such as someone rattling away at a typewriter can be heard and the library is known to make one feel really creeped out and “watched.”


Southern Utah University is situated in Cedar City, Utah, where a couple of places about campus hold their own legends, ghost tales, and odd stories. For starters, the auditorium is a place where many different spirits are said to roam about. This is the part of the school where theatre productions and rehearsals are held. It is also home to an interesting tunnel that is located underneath the stare.


An array of ghost sightings and paranormal experiences has been reported to take place at the auditorium and about the tunnel region. Also, above the stage, there are grids that are supposedly the room to two ghosts who seem to possess a playful spirit between them.


At Old Main on the Southern Utah University campus, a handful of reported incidents are said to have taken place, including the strange turning on and off of the lights about the building. Some students have complained about weird experiences they encountered when being trapped in the elevators, including some that move on their own without any buttons being pushed. Some witnesses believe they have caught sight of the ghost of a woman, who often appears roaming about the third floor. Most of the students and staff members connected to the building dread having to spend any time in the building when the sun has set.