Haunted Schools Throughout Kansas

There are numerous locations throughout Kansas that present quite a scare, especially some of the educational spots that you may encounter. Whether it is a high school, middle school or state university, there are plenty of tales, legends and stories surrounding some of these places.


In Salina, the Salina Central High School is said to be haunted by the ghost of a teacher who has yet to be identified. Some of the odd events that has happened on the premises include various noises, footsteps, banging, as well as the unexplainable closing of doors and flickering lights. The female ghost taunts workers during the late shift that janitors turn up radios so that they do not have to hear the noises that she creates. This haunting is known as one of the popular ghost tales told of the area.


The Tescott Grade School in Tescott is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a man who ran into the trophy case and lost his life. The school also is haunted by two other ghosts, one of which was the first principal of the school. Another grade school with a haunted tale is the Holcomb Elementary School in Holcomb, where the ghost of a former janitor has been sighted. The janitor was cleaning a bathroom when he hit his head after a fall. He died as a result of his injuries. It is said that he returns to the school once a year at the stroke of midnight so that he can ring the school bell.


In Pittsburg, there are three haunted schools to speak of. At the Lakeside School, the basement is where you feel eeriness upon entering. The lights in the auditorium area have also been known to flicker on their own. On the ceiling that measures 10 feet, pentagrams have been known to appear. In certain rooms, you may catch an object flying across the room without the help of a person. Several different ghosts have also made themselves known, including an array of soldiers, as well as the ghost of a man, who is seem wearing a racing uniform.

The Pittsburg Middle School has had reports regarding the unexplainable flushing of toilets, as well as doors that will open and close on their own. The ghost of a small girl has been spotting wandering throughout the hallways. The school has also been known to go through numerous blackouts, which gives everyone something to think about in the dark. At McCray Hall, located at Pittsburg State University, the Music Department is where you may encounter the ghost of a woman, who has appeared in a black dress. Sometimes, the pipe organ can be heard playing when no one is at the instrument. The area also undergoes unexplainable increases and decreases in temperature. When looking out of the corner of your eyes, you may also pick up on some of the strangeness of this hall.


While the building of the McPherson Middle School, located in McPherson, you may catch sight of the ghost of a worker who lost his life at this time. Some of the story is muddled, as to whether or not he died in the auditorium, but he has been known to create odd noises, as well as the sound of footsteps. Teachers have made these reports.


At Kansas State University, located in Manhattan, the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house and Gamma Phi Beta Sorority is said to be haunted by ghosts. At the frat, the ghost of a former pledge is said to roam the house. He died during one of the frats hazing escapades.