Haunted Schools Throughout Saskatchewan

How do you think it feels to go to school each day with the thought of a resident ghost on the premises? It could hinder your attention span in Social Studies class or it could fuel your imagination. In this article, we will take a look at some of the haunted learning institutions that may be found within the Saskatchewan area, including elementary schools.


In Saskatoon, there are three schools that come to mind in regards to strange happenings and haunted tales. The Old School House once stood in Saskatoon until it burned to the ground. Witnesses claim to have seen apparitions of skeletons in the area, as well as have sighted blood. At the Lester B.Pearson Elementary School, there are a few legends pertaining to this site. Many believe that located in front of the preschool, there is a tree that possessing an unexplainable aura about it. Some feel that an indescribable force or power is attached to this tree, where if you venture towards it for about two minutes when no one is around, you will feel momentarily paralyzed and cannot move. At this location, there is also an observatory, which is believed to be haunted by a ghost.


Saskatoon is also the site where the College Park School can be found. Here, a female student died during the early 80s. She was 10 years old at the time when a burning wall fell on her and took her life. Legend has it that she was allergic to soap and if you throw a bar of it where she is resting, you will see a blood-soaked image emerge. The figure will scream and the only one who can hear this awful sound will be the one who threw the bar of soap.


In Punnichy, there is a computer school referred to as the Old White School. On the premises, lights have been known to go on and off. Some have claimed to even hear the spirits while they are walking down the hallway. In the gym area, some have reported the sound of children crying.


Lebret is where you will find the Saskatchewan Indian Residential School, which is said to be haunted by the lost souls of students who took their own life on the premises. Between the 40s and 60s, Native American children who were taken from their families and forced to live at the school began to find desperate ways to deal with the situation. Missing the comfort of their home, language and family, some felt the only way to cope was to commit suicide. The outcry of such actions led to the closing of the school during the 1970s.


As for the Chief Little Pine School, located in Little Pine Reserve, the school was built during the 1980s. Reports have been made regarding odd noises coming from the vents throughout the school. The source of these sounds has been attributed to a construction worker from Edmonton, who was working on the school in the early stages of completion. His ghost has been spotted roaming the hallways, as well as wandering about the girls’ bathroom. He has been known to appear in front of you and have the ability to walk through walls. It is said that he is trying to locate a relative that may attend the school.