Haunted Scottish Castles: Blackness & Skibo

While investigating the haunted castle throughout the world, Scotland is no stranger to its fair share of ghost tales within a regal setting. While some castles served as a lavish residence, others served as wedding locations and hauntings of forgotten knights in shining armor.


The Blackness Castle is situated in Blackness, Stirlingshire, which is can be found positioned on Black Rock. It is here that the close proximity to the murky-looking water of the Firth of Forth adds to the allure of this castle. The location is filled with the feeling that you should be quite apprehensive when approaching this property.


During the 14th century, the castle was built, later becoming a heavily fortified structure when the 16th century rolled around. The site was then known as an artillery fortress and throughout the years wore many different hates. At one point, the castle was known as an armaments depot, as well as a state prison. The central tower of the castle had always been a popular place to serve as a prison tower. So, what makes this a haunted location?


During the late part of the 90s, a woman on the premises of the castle reported she had caught sight of a knight wearing armor. His image was in view at the castle tower. She then went on to say that the knight left the tower and began to chase her. Others who have visited the tower claimed to have experienced different events about the premises. Some have stated that they heard things moving about during nightfall and had no idea who could have been causing such a ruckus.


Next, in Dornoch, Sutherland, there is Skibo Castle, which was once the residence for many bishops throughout the history of the area. At first glance, the castle is rather romantic in appearance and the architecture is quite grand. All of this visual pizzazz should be credited to the wealthy businessman, Andrew Carnegie, who came from America and renovated the castle some years ago.


As far as ghost stories attached to this location go, there is one tale in particular that is quite popular. Many centuries ago, a girl from the local area visited the castle and was no where to be found during her stay. She simply vanished into thin air or so some thought. Speculation arose and it as concluded that she had been killed by one of the castle’s keepers. After he murdered the poor girl, many believed that he concealed her body on the castle grounds. Not too long after, the ghost of a Lady in White starting to make her presence known.


When renovations began on the castle, behind one of the walls, the skeleton of a female was uncovered. An immediate proper burial was held and for a spell the haunting seemed to be put to an end. Later in years, the ghost returned or never left as some say. If this castle sounds familiar to some, you may have caught wind of it during the 2000 marriage between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, who wished the castle serve as their place of matrimony.