Haunted Sights in Baltimore

When paying a visit to Baltimore, don’t forget to check out the University of Maryland, where you will find Davidge Hall (if you dare), as a wealth of ghost reports are connected to this site. A deep history is connected to this site, as it is known as the oldest medical building situated in the western hemisphere that has been used on a continuous basis for teaching. If there is one thing to seek out at Davidge Hall is to attempt to locate one of the many escape routes connected to the building. These routes served the medical students who at the time had to flew police raids as they dissected cadavers. During the early part of the 20th century, it was against the law to conduct such activities.  

People who have visited the Hall have reported the feeling of unease as they explored the building. Unexplainable sounds and voices are also known as part of the eerie and exciting experience.  

The Medical Center at the University of Maryland once served as a morgue. Security guards and janitors have documented strange noises and the feeling that someone is in their presence during the night. The basement has always provoked a sense of fear over the years. The Stamp Student Union on the campus also experience oddities. Lights are known to go on and off on their own. Elevators run without anyone riding in them, while the doors open and close on their own as well. Cold spots are also found on the premises. About 20 years ago, a fire ripped through ¼ of the building, which badly burning the site. Oddly, the smell of smoke is still prominent.  

The USF Constitution can be found in Baltimore, which is a ship that is believed haunted by three ghosts of sailors who lost their lives aboard.  

At the Westminster Church in Baltimore, you will find graves that date back to the 1700s, which is also the same place where Edgar Allen Poe was laid to rest with his wife. Ghost hunters have been known to pay a visit to the site, dragging with them equipment, such as EMF (Electronic Magnetic Field Detector) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), which are used to detect ghostly voices and presences.  

A trip to Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro brings you close to the legend of the Hall Family haunting, who were the original owners of the land that the amusement park is found. Behind the Wild One, you can catch a glimpse of Hall Manor, which is partially out of sight. This part of the park is not accessible to the public. It is there that a grave is positioned, which signifies the resting place of the only daughter of Eleanor Hall, who passed away on her birthday. Beware of the park on this same day, which took place in June, as rides are known to misbehave.  
In Hunt Valley, the Hunt Valley Town Center is a site where a handful of security guards have reported odd noises and the senses that something wrong is associated with the location. Cold chills plague the center, even when the days are warm. An abnormal fog has also descending upon the site, including moments of darkness, where light spots have appeared. When dining at The Zodiac, you may catch sight of the elderly ghost who ironically sometimes takes a seat at table 13.