Haunted Sights in California

In this article, you will encounter haunted tales, resident ghosts, and paranormal activity reported to take place at a lake, road, mansion, cemetery, hotel, and forest in the California region.

Lake Elizabeth , Santa Clarita

There is a legend that the lake once served as home to a sea serpent, monster, and collection of demons. The region has a history of odd occurrences and activity, including reports of unexplainable dead cattle, destroyed crops, and sickness , primarily when the Spaniards settled in the area and established a mining/farming community. Historical accounts also highlight an unpleasant scent that infiltrated surrounding regions that resembled sulfuric acid. To this day, the odd odor is detected, but no one reports any sightings of monsters or strange creatures.

Sand Canyon Road , Santa Clarita

During the mid-1980’s, a terrible car accident took place intersection of Sand Canyon Road and Warm Springs Road. The victims were a carload of teens on their way to the prom. It is believed that reports of a young woman signaling for help, and then disappearing, involves the ghost of one of the kids that lost their life that night.

Hart Mansion , Santa Clarita

At the former residence of the silent film star William S. Hart, visitors have reported the ghosts of not only Mr. Hart and his sister, but also those of a nurse and the dogs belonging to Mr. Hart have been sighted in the home. Now a museum, the scent of coffee seems to often hit the air. To get the heads up on additional haunted mansions and homes in the California region, check out the article titled, “Haunted Mansions and Homes in California.”

Angeles National Forest , Altadena

Forests and woods have a knack for setting the scene for spooky encounters. At the Angeles National Forest in Altadena (also known as the Haunted Forest of Cobb Estate), people have reported hearing unexplainable screams and seeing odd lights.

Minturn Cemetery , Chowchilla

When traveling down the dirt road, beware of the reports that ghostly apparitions chase cars in the vicinity. Some of the resident ghosts associated with the cemetery include a screaming woman, ghostly man that picks up garbage around the graves, and the sounds of children that are either laughing or crying.

Washington Elementary School , Alameda

Reports surrounding the ghost of a 13-year old boy wandering the halls of the Washington Elementary School at night join the accounts of unexplainable cold chills, odd knocking and scratching sounds known to take place at the school when people are alone on the premises.

Mission Inn Hotel , Riverside

Also known as the ‘Spanish Dining Room,’ the Mission Dining Room at the hotel is thought to serve as the stomping grounds of an apparition that hovers close to the ceiling , nearby the entrance wall , close to the patio. For more spooky hot spots found at the Mission Inn Hotel, check out the article titled, “The Haunted Mission Inn in Riverside, California.”