Haunted Sites in Alabama

From graveyards to haunted libraries, the state of Alabama has plenty of interesting sites to visit when you’re in the mood for a paranormal exploration. In this article, you will encounter haunted sites in cities, such as Tallapoosa, Tuscaloosa and Albertville.

Liberty Graveyard , Tallapoosa

Head for Dadeville to find the Liberty Graveyard, where a creepy feeling overcomes the body when you reach the top of the hill and spy local tombstones. Walking down the trail is a test of your bravery, as people say you will encounter the crying sounds of a baby who is looking for his father who lost his life in the Civil War.

Manchester Graveyard , Marshall

In the past, Manchester was a town that has since become buried under the waters of Lake Guntersville. The only remnant of the former town is a graveyard that dates back to the Civil War. No matter what time of day or night, a constant fog hovers about the ground and around the gravestones. The eeriness of the cemetery has provided the perfect place for people to hold séances. If you are interested in finding the graveyard, keep in mind that it isn’t an easy location to pinpoint and you may need to ask a local for assistance.

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House , Tuscaloosa

Legend has it that before the sorority row was constructed, a home for children existed on the same site. There is a story that involves a young boy named Adam who was a victim of an accidental scalding while he was in the bathtub. It is thought that a spirit haunts the sorority house , who has a habit of mostly appearing around 8 pm when the number of people in the house are usually at its lowest. Some residents claim to have felt ‘creeped out’ when in the house, as they have witnessed water faucets and television that turn on and off on their own. Sometimes, doors slam without explanation along the halls of the house.

Carstarphen Cemetery , Wilcox County

Serving as the burial grounds for wealthy black families in the region, the Carstarphen Cemetery has a reputation for producing a light that shines over the graves. Although people have looked for the source of the light, nothing has been detected. Some say that when you visit the graves, the sounds of people talking and calling out names of people can be heard.

Albertville Public Library , Albertville

Employees of the library have reported that the elevator at the library will travel up and down on its own. Sometimes, they detect the sound of running water in the bathroom that stops when they look to see where the sounds are coming from. Some believe that the odd things that take place at the library occur because it was constructed over the site of a former house that was torn down in the early 1900’s. The spirits of the old house may have possibly decided to remain and are upset about the changes of their land , deciding to haunt the library. The majority of events that occur take place in the morning when the first person comes in to work and no one else is around.