Haunted Sites in Alexandria, Virginia

When you’re looking for ghost tales and haunted locations in Virginia, Alexandria is a popular stop on the list of paranormal enthusiasts, especially for people looking for ghosts hailing from the Civil War. In this article, you will learn about some of the background concerning site about the city, including the Ramsay House and the Alexandria National Cemetery.

Alexandria is known for a historic past that includes numerous ghosts and unexplainable happenings. A couple of places to put on your list for ghost hunting in Virginia includes:

The Ramsay House

In Old Town Alexandria, the Ramsay House (which dates back to 1724) is found on 221 King St. It should come at no surprise that the oldest house in Alexandria has a couple of haunted tales attached to it. Today, you can visit the house, which is a center for visitors. Here, you can pick up information regarding historic walking tours. It is said that ghosts dressed in period clothing appear in the basement.

Alexandria National Cemetery

Since a great deal of Civil War soldiers is buried at Alexandria National Cemetery (about 3,500 in total), there is also a decent chance to experience paranormal activity or catch interesting images with your camera. If you’re interested, the cemetery is located at Wilkes and Paynes Streets.

Woodlawn Plantation

Legend has it that the Woodlawn Plantation is extremely haunted. Ask the staff to tell you the tales associated with the site. Some of the odd happenings reported at the plantation include doors that open and close at random, as well as furniture that has a knack for moving around in the middle of the night. You will find Woodlawn Plantation at 9000 Richmond Hwy.

Custis-Lee Mansion (Arlington House)

Situated at Arlington National Cemetery, this plantation mansion once belonged to Robert E. Lee and served as his residence. He, his wife, and their children lived on the premises before the Civil War broke out. During the war, his family fled the residence, which was eventually lost. After the war, one of Lee’s son protested to the government to have their home returned to the family, but thousands of people had already been buried on the property. Some say the restless souls of former soldiers haunt the grounds.

Gadsby’s Tavern

With a reputation as being a haunted tavern, this historic site offers visitors a real treat. Dressed in typical colonial garb, staff serve up traditional colonial vittles. It is said that a woman wearing period clothing haunts the tavern. You will find this experience at 134 North Royal St.

Other places in Alexandria that have a reputation for being haunted include:

·    The Boyhood Home of Robert E. Lee , located at 607 Oronoco St. This is the place where Lee lived until he left home for West Point. Today, you may visit the site and enjoy a tour.  

·    Christ Church and Cemetery , Head for Cameron and Washington Streets to visit the church where George Washington and Robert E. Lee attended.

·    Brown House , The ghosts of Revolutionary War soldiers have been reported to haunt the premises.