Haunted Sites in Massachusetts: Famous Poet Gravesite

Emily DickinsonThe state of Massachusetts, especially with the allure of Boston, is home to an array of haunted stories, old houses with restless souls, and scary tales of ghosts. In this article, you will encounter some of the locations in Massachusetts that have the potential to send chills up and down your back.

The Grave of Emily Dickinson , Amherst

Poetry fans living in Amherst, Massachusetts should be pleased to know that the great Emily Dickinson lived and was buried in the city. Many people come to the region just to visit her grave, which is located in a small cemetery found behind a busy commercial street in the downtown Amherst area. Modest in presentation, the gravesite and tombstone of Emily Dickinson is situated in West Cemetery , located off of North Pleasant Street. During a visit to the site, you may come across a variety of objects, like flowers, rocks, pendants, and hand-written poems that people read aloud in hopes of receiving luck from the ghost of Dickinson that has been supposedly sighted by visitors and locals.

Orchard Hill , Oxford

In Oxford, Massachusetts, paranormal activities are not uncommon for the residents of the region. One individual claimed to have heard odd noises when hunting in the woods located behind the complexes. He claimed to have listened to the sounds of Native American drums and the screams of a woman. The noises were so unsettling that he was moved to actually call the police. Tales of the area have sprouted up as legend, including the story of the ghost who would walk Dana Road , in search of his son. The man went looking for his missing son, who was never found, and died of a heart attack in the process. It is said that to this day, he still wanders about looking for his lost boy.

Other people claim that the apartments of Orchard Hill suffer constant unexplainable knocking sounds, voices of a man that no one sees, as well as weird lights in the woods, misty fogs, and images of people that seem to disappear into thin air.

Daniel Burgess House , Plymouth

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, there is a house that lies across the way from a cemetery – situated on the site of the first hanging in the state of Massachusetts. The crime? Murder. John Billington, who arrived to the New World via the Mayflower, was hung in 1630 when he was convicted of shooting and killing a fellow settler.  Odd happenings have been known to take place, including the sound of a child crying. Singing has been heard in the attic. Wallets and keys have a habit of vanishing , never to be seen again. All through the house, various hot spots have been detected, where parts of the home are distinctly several degrees hotter than the rest of the home.