Haunted Sites in Massachusetts: Old Houses

While cemeteries and dark, scary forests are usually the talk of haunted things, but many times, private residences have a dark past to uncover. As much as it is hard to resist trespassing the homes and grounds of others because of their past, but remember , that is illegal and you can surely get into a world of trouble for it. Nonetheless, hearing the stories behind the brick foundations and painted gates are still pretty interesting.

39 Linden Road , Melrose

Once a house that dated back to the late 1800’s, today, residents now live in apartments that have a history of being haunted by two ghosts. The first ghost was a carpenter in his former life, and built houses for a living. His deep-seeded anger over what happened to the house since he worked on it is probably the fuel that keeps him with a burning desire to haunt the premises. Another ghost said to haunt the apartments was a woman that used to live in one of the units. Weird things are known to take place at the site, such as:

·    Many footsteps on the stairs
·    An invisible force that has a habit of turning lights on and off
·    Phones and doorbells ring on their own

The odd happenings were so strong that a psychic was asked to investigate the site and much of the strangeness was confirmed.

91 Old Sudbury Rd , Wayland

Old houses are always fun for a ghost hunter to explore , when you have permission or own one, of course. Let’s take the residence of 91 Old Sudbury Rd in Wayland, Massachusetts, which has a haunted history that dates back to 1973. Originally constructed during the late 17th or early 18th century, the house was once the final home of Lydia Maria Child, a poet who has been credited with “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.”

After Child passed away, additional rooms and other features became part of the home when new owners took over the property. However, not everything was peachy keen for the new residents, as they claimed that ½ of the house felt cold. They noted that the living room, family room, front hall, and screen porch was a pretty eerie part of the property. The other rooms of the home seemed filled with warmth and was inviting for the residents.

One day, the children were in the dining room when a door that led to the front hall (always kept ajar) slammed shut with such force. This occurrence took place 4 to 5 times, as if an invisible couple were arguing. The door slammed back and forth at a rapid pace over the course of 10 to 15 seconds. Many other oddities were known to take place at the house.