Haunted Sites in Massachusetts: Salem Witch Trials Memorial

We’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials when innocent people were accused of setting spells and causing bad luck/death to locals and then burned at the stake. In this article, you will encounter a place where you can pay your respects to executed witches, as well as keep in mind a mansion that comes alive during the Halloween season.

Salem Witch Trials Memorial , Salem

A visit to Burying Point Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts will put you in the midst of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, which offers the sight of 20 benches that represent an individual who was put to death during the onslaught of the Salem Witch Trials.

The Haunted Mansion , Douglas

Around the Halloween season, people gather at the Haunted Mansion in Douglas to enjoy a free event that takes place between 7pm and 10pm. To enjoy what lurks around each dark and damp corner, head on over to 52 West Street in Douglas, Massachusetts.

Lynn Woods State Park: Dungeon Rock , Lynn

What’s more exciting than a ghost hunt? A treasure hunt led by a ghost. Dungeon Rock became a hot topic during the 19th century when the owner, Hiram Marble, claimed that a pirate from the 17th century named Thomas Veal made contact with him and told him the way to get to a pirate treasure buried in Dungeon Rock. Can you imagine the uproar? To this day, people are interested in visiting the site, where a tunnel at Dungeon Rock bears an iron door meant to seal the entrance. However, this door is oftentimes open.

If you come with a powerful flashlight and wear sneakers, you can enter the tunnel. Keep in mind that parking close to the Rose Garden entrance to Lynn Woods will give you the shortest walk to Dungeon Rock. All about the location, people have reported strange lights and apparitions. Many note how eerie the place feels when they visit. Sadly, the Marble family never located that treasure and in the course of their curiosity , actually lost a chunk of their fortune trying to do so. The Marbles are also buried not too far from the premises.

Quaker Cemetery , Worchester

Nicknamed ‘Spider Gates’ because of the eight gates decorating the cemetery, this site has a reputation for being pretty frightening. It has been said that if you approach the first gate, you can hear whispers and see the rustling of leaves even on windless day. Coming closer to the eighth gate and you may feel as if someone has brushed up against you. Another report surrounding the Quaker Cemetery involves people sighting the images of others walking about graves. Overall, the further you walk into the cemetery, the greater the sensations of fear will become.