Haunted Sites in Richmond, Virginia 1

Robert E LeeWhen you pay a visit to Richmond, Virginia, you not only get a chance to stand in the same places as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis (who spent their last days of the Confederacy in the city), but you also have a wealth of haunted places and ghost tales to explore. In this article, you will encounter some of the haunted sites in the city, including the Jefferson Hotel and the Linden Row Inn.

Richmond, Virginia is best known for the role it played during the onslaught of the Civil War. Historic events of the United States are deeply rooted throughout the city, which offers an interesting collection of haunted places to explore. Below are a few sites to add to your list if you want to ghost-hunt in Richmond, Virginia.

Jefferson Hotel

This historic site actually opened its doors to the public on Halloween in 1895. Offering architecture representing a Renaissance revival style, people come to the hotel to enjoy casual and fine dining. There are a few ghost tales attached to the historic hotel and interesting stories about two pet alligators that once lived in the marble pools of Palm Court. You will find this hotel situated on 101 W. Franklin St.

White House of the Confederacy

Jefferson Davis and his family occupied this home from 1861 to 1865. Some say that the ghost of his son (who died after falling out of a window on the second floor) haunts the premises. This site is now called the Museum of the Confederacy and is located at 1201 E. Clay St.

Pocahontas Parkway

At night, toll booth workers claim to hear strange noises. It is said that the most recent road was built over a Native American gravesite and that spirits have been known to make their presence known. The police have handled their fair share of reports of odd happenings that have been attributed to ghosts believed to haunt the site.

Tuckahoe Plantation

The plantation is not only the former childhood residence of former president Thomas Jefferson, but is also the site of a female ghost. Forced to marry against her will, it is said that she died on the premises from a broken heart. Her ghost is believed to roam about the grounds. You will find this site located at 12601 River Rd.

Hollywood Cemetery

Head to Cherry and Albemarle Streets to find the Hollywood Cemetery, where plenty of well-known Civil War heroes have been laid to rest. There are numerous stories about hauntings that take place at the cemetery. The cemetery is very old and is filled with governors, senators, and a couple of former presidents. Known as the Vampire Tomb (Poole’s), there is a tale that a vampire is enclosed inside of the building. People believe that he comes out in the middle of the night to stalk visitors and attack those who come to pay their respects to loved ones.