Haunted Sites in Richmond, Virginia 2

PoeWhether you’re visiting the former residence of an infamous horror writer or exploring favorite haunts of Civil War ghosts, the city of Richmond, Virginia is a delightful destination when it comes to hunting spirits and paranormal activity. Especially fascinating for an old war buff, the city has its fair share of interesting ghost tales, including the Church Hill Tunnel incident.

Edgar Allan Poe House

It’s only natural that the house that Edgar Allen Poe lived in would have tales of being haunted. The author of mystery and Gothic romanticism made a career based on the macabre. His former residence is found on 1914-16 E. Main St. and is now a museum that offers an array of manuscripts, letters, first editions, memorabilia and personal belongings. Opened in 1922, the museum is situated only blocks away from Poe’s first home in Richmond, as well as the first place he was employed , the Southern Literary Messenger.

Linden Row Inn

Found at 100 E. Franklin St., the Linden Row Inn dates back to 1847, where period antiques decorate the rooms that feature a Greek Revival townhouse style. An interesting fact about the inn is that the infamous poet and author, Edgar Allen Poe played in the very yard as a child.

Church Hill Tunnel

Deaths that took place at the site, led to the closing of the Church Hill Tunnel in 1877. Reopened in 1925, the tunnel was needed to accommodate an increased in traffic. The site is considered haunted after the tunnel collapsed , killed workers, passengers, and the conductor. It is said that around the first part of October, you can catch the faint sound of a train. Screams have been reported and the ghost of a man attempting to save trapped workers has also been documented.

Governors Mansion

The ghost of a young woman is thought to haunt the Governors Mansion.

Old Railway

Fireballs and orbs have been reported at the Old Railway.

Virginia Aviation Museum

Situated on a Civil War battlefield, you will find the Virginia Aviation Museum, which has many old planes and artifacts from World War II on the premises. Some people claim to have heard unexplainable footsteps around one of the planes. Another odd happening at the museum is an old stopwatch that seems to start up and tick on its own.

“Widow’s House”

The Haunts of Richmond Tours will deliver a haunted experience when you visit the “Widow’s House,” which is based on real events and legends. Some of the ghosts are fashioned from the spirits supposedly connected to the Bloody Run Massacre. You will also encounter the Lady in Gray tale.

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