Haunted Sites in St. Petersburg, Florida

When visiting St. Petersburg, Florida, paranormal enthusiasts will have plenty of time to have fun in the sun, but if you have time, you might want to check out some of the haunted sites about town. In this article, you will encounter a collection of haunted places in St. Petersburg, Florida, such as a high school, park and famous hotel.

Fort Desoto Park

Fort Desoto is a state park that constantly fills with locals and tourists alike, who come to the site to camp out, ride bikes, and luxuriate on sandy beaches. However, what some unsuspecting visitors don’t know is that it isn’t recommended to come close to the old fort at night. Some people have claimed to hear unexplainable voices in the middle of the night, as well as the sound of odd footsteps in the southern-most bathroom.

Don Cesar Hotel

One of the most popular hotels in St. Petersburg is the eye-catching pink vision called the Don Cesar. The grounds are not without any ghost tales of its own ”“ there have been reported sightings that the deceased owner of the hotel haunts the premises. Some have seen the apparition looking over the daily operations of the hotel ”“ even smiling at the guests that come to check in. Others believe that the ghost walks about the beachfront in a white suit. Sometimes, it is reported that a woman with raven-colored hair walks beside him ”“ their hands clasped together.

Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Accommodating thousands of travelers on a daily basis, the Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge was the scene of a tragic accident that took place during the early 1980s. A boat ran into the bridge and caused it to collapse, which led to the death of a lot of people, but the ghost that is believed to haunt the bridge does not seem associated with the collapse incident. Instead, it is a tale that involves a female hitchhiker that has a knack for climbing into the cars of travelers and then disappearing. Some people will tell the story with a male hitchhiker instead of a woman.

Royal Palms Apartments

Some residents who have lived in the Royal Palms Apartment claim to have felt a tugging on their pillow that they can’t explain. Some incidents have involved the appearance of water that comes out of nowhere, as well as a ghostly man that appears out of thin air and stands over the beds of residents.

St. Petersburg High School

Rumor has it that this high school is haunted by former students who died a tragic death while they were attending the school. Teachers and students have reported hearing odd noises or seeing strange movements on the premises on the third floor of the main buildings. The location of the old gym, which is now the auditorium, has been a site that late night workers claim has been the setting for paranormal activity.