Haunted Spots in Australia

When it comes to the home of the kangaroo and the gentle koala, what else would spark curiosity when thinking of the ins and outs associated with the smallest continent in the world? Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere, where major islands, such as Tasmania (what a name) provide their own set of intrigue and interesting tales. In this article, we will explore some of the interesting spots about the country, where paranormal enthusiasts should have a field day.

The Alkimos

For those who wish to explore the deep blue sea to encounter a shipwreck with a history of curses, ghosts, and legends, the Alkimos is your ship. The former United State naval ship dates back to World War II times, where it came to an end off of the coast of Western Australia in 1964. To learn more about the paranormal events associated with the shipwreck, you may check out the two-part article titled, “Exploring the Legacy of the Alkimos.”

Coach & Horses Inn

Situated in Clarkefield, Victoria, there is a hotel that dates back to 1857, where a collection of ghost reports is known to have taken place. The highest activity attached to the site has been seen throughout the 1970s and the 1980s, as the location was once dubbed the most haunted hotel in all of Australia. The paranormal activity was so bad at one point that a former owner reported being shoved down a flight of stairs by an unseen force, which ending in a bad fracture of the ankle.

Port Arthur

In Tasmania, Port Arthur once served as a prison settlement that has experienced its fair share of ghostly sightings, including a wide-range of characters. Some of the personalities attached to the location include the Reverend George Eastman, “The Lady in Blue” and the ghost of Charles O’Hara Booth, who was an early prison official at the site. Today, the small town situated on the Tasman Peninsula holds one of the most revered regions of heritage that brings in many tourists on a yearly basis. Some of the alluring qualities of the location include the harsh conditions and dark history, which creates a beauty all on its own.

Fremantle Prison

Situated in Western Australia, there is a significant account that took place at this former prison. The only woman hung in the region once lived and breathed at the site before her fateful end. It is said that the face of Martha Rendell can be seen in the window of the church on a regular basis. The way that the light reflects off of the ripples of the glass is what created the image of her face to appear in the most unusual display. Nonetheless, it has spooked many who have come to catch sight of it.

North Head Quarantine Station

In Sydney, an array of ghosts are associated with this site, which is believed to serve as the final haunting grounds of ghost hailing from all parts of the world. In the past, many international visitors lost their lives to disease at the station during their quarantine. One tale involves the ghost of an Asian man who is believed to haunt the roads about the station and is known to appear in front of cars as they depart the premises.