Haunted Spots in Idaho

The next time you are in Idaho, you may find that there are more than just potatoes growing in the area, but will also find a variety of haunted locations to explore. Some of these spots can be located in cities, such as American Falls, Arco, Emmett, as well as Boise.


In American Falls, there is a hospital that also served as a nursing home. Many have lost their lives at this location, which experiences an array of odd occurrences. The night staff has reported that the call buzzers within the rooms and the bathrooms go off without patients being able to set them off. It is said that the doctor for which the hospital was named after often roams about, leaving the scent of his cigar behind. Some staff employees have claimed to view the vision of a tall man who can be seen near the entryway, watching the workers complete their duties.


Boise, which is the capital of Idaho, has numerous locations to explore when you feel like checking out something a bit scary. Boise State University has a dorm room on the campus where a young girl committed suicide by hanging herself after she found her boyfriend cheating on here. Her ghost can be seen wandering about the room. There is also a fraternity house, which was called The Murder House for some time because a gruesome murder took place more than 25 years ago. Several people were mutilated at this site, where the vision of a woman looking out of the window can be seen. Other haunted spots in Boise include the Centennial Golf Course; the Cottonwood Cemetery, as well as the Night Moves Gentlemen’s Club, where apparitions, cold spots, moving objects and the spirit of a little girl can be encountered.


There are several cemeteries in the area that bring you closer to locations that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell has been the site where the ghost of a midnight jogger can be spotted. Although she has no legs, she can be seen hovering between the trees that face the cemetery. The Boot Hill Cemetery in Idaho City has spirits that still walk the area. These are the ghosts of some who died from violent means. The Ammon Cemetery located in Idaho Falls is haunted by the ghost of a small girl who can be found in a tree positioned close to her gravesite. She is considered to be a friendly ghost. The Homedale Cemetery in Marsing has provoked such sadness when walking through this cemetery. There are many young people buried within this location, where flashes of lights can be seen over some of their headstones.


When you visit the Lake Lowell area in Caldwell, there are many odd sounds, shadows and presences that can be felt. The upper floors, as well as the restaurant and bar of the Old Saratoga Hotel & Restaurant are said to be haunted. This is also a selection that can be explored within the Canyon County of Caldwell.


Other haunted locations include the Wood River Camp in Baker Creek; the Couer D’ Alene High School in Couer D’ Alene; Plaza Bridge in Emmett; the Forest Service Building in Grangeville, as well as the China House in Idaho Falls.