Haunted Spots in Montana

Depending on where you are when visiting the state of Montana, you may have the chance to stop by a few locations known for the extra guests or residents that haunt the site. In this article, you will read of eerie spots, such as the girls’ locker room at Arlee High School, as well as the Denny’s in the downtown area.


The girls’ locker room located at Arlee High School, numerous events have been known to occur at this school. When the high school was first established, girl is said to have committed suicide in the shower of the locker room for girls. When night falls, screams can be heard when walking down the hallways or the surrounding sidewalks of the school. Cold spots have been reported when taking a shower in this locker room. The screams continue to this very day and no one knows where they come from, but it is suspected that it is the ghost of the girl who is responsible. 


When visiting Chico, you will find the Chico Hot Springs, which is a resort said to be quite haunted. The Denny’s in downtown Billings was placed upon old railroad tracks that still decorate the parking lot area of the restaurant. Employees have claimed to see unknown shadows during the night, as well as heard strange voices when no one is in sight.


Also in Billings, there is the Moss Mansion, which is the site where a young girl lost her life. Doors have been known to open and shut on their own and odd sounds can be heard throughout the premises. Another mansion with a mind of its own is the Copper King Mansion, where the doors act on their own as well. One of the rooms at this location can always be found at 53 degrees, even though the rest of the house is considerably warmer. 

At Deer Lodge, you will encounter the former Old Montana Prison, which was heavily used throughout the 1800s. Many ruthless outlaws were held at this site. The gallows room offers a variety of odd sounds, as well as numerous cold spots. In Glendive, you will find the Marsh Cemetery, which is a nice place to visit when you are interested in experiencing the sight of an orb. Old Mine Shafts in Lyon is a site that holds several haunted tales. Odd noises have been heard when nearing the openings to the shaft. A mining accident occurred here once and when a few survivors returned to the scene, they believed that they heard the screams of their fellow workers.

When looking for a place to stay, you may avoid the Harlowton Hotel in Harlowton because it is said to be haunted by the former owner of the hotel and restaurant. Maids can tell tales of unexplainable entities playing with their hair as they worked. In Helena, tales swirl regarding the suicide of a priest at the Carroll College. He jumped from the bathroom window located on the fourth floor of Saint Charles Hall. Shortly after, on that very floor, a Varsity basketballer slipped and cracked his head open on the floor of the same bathroom. He later died from the injury. The bathroom was closed after this incident, but those who snuck in claimed to have seen blood coming from the sink in the bathroom. The pipes had been disconnected from the wall.