Haunted Spots in Oregon: Tigard & Troutdale

When visiting the state of Oregon, you will encounter cities like Tigard, which has quite the cemetery to pay a visit to, as well as the perfect place in Troutdale to explore when looking for a host of paranormal experiences. In this article, you will also learn of a haunted theater and mysterious green lights in the region.

As you enter Tigard, keep in mind that there are three worthy hot spots to experience a haunted good time. For starters, the Canterbury Cemetery has been known to provide an assortment of apparition sightings and ghostly lights that appear when traveling down the highway. Motorists who pass by at night have reported these sorts of events. The cemetery is considered quite historic and is located at the top of Canterbury Hill, which is situated in a suburban area.

The lights that have been reported in Tigard are often described as small and green in color, as they move throughout the trees. There hasn’t been much activity that actually comes close to making contact with onlookers, as it the balls of light typically keep their distance. Since the 70s, new residences and apartment complexes have been sprouting about the cemetery, where the neighborhoods claim to hear scary howls and unnerving screams in the vicinity. From time to time, reports of a strange, violent presence often surfaces. As for one of the condominiums positioned close to the cemetery, a wealth of ghostly phenomenon has been mentioned.

The students of Tigard High School have all passed on the ghost tales surrounding the Deb Fennel Auditorium, which is said to have a guest that doesn’t seem to want to leave. It is believed that a former student who attended the school passed away during his senior year and has chosen the auditorium as his haunting grounds. Rumors have spread regarding hearing strange things and people viewing odd images. Most of the hauntings have been labeled as harmless, as some instances involve lights being mysteriously turned on and papers being scattered about. Also, whenever something strange takes place, the students immediately believe that it has something to do with the ghost.

When you wish to catch a movie at the Washington Square Cinemas, you may or may not want to come in contact with the resident ghost. On the premises, a ghost is known to whistle, create light, as well as make movies begin in the middle of the night. He has also been known to actually push his image through the movie screen. Some people claim a menacing presence is attached to the theater and have reported to feel the hair on the back of their necks stand up.

In Troutdale, you will come across a complex that owned by the Mcminamin Brothers, who are known for running a site that wears many different hats. When happening upon their establishment, you will find a vineyard, restaurant, brewery, as well as bed and breakfast. However, the original use of the site was for what was known as the Poor Farm, which was later transformed into a nursing home. It is believed that strong paranormal activity is connected to this place, where a morgue once stood above the wine cellars.