Haunted Spots in South America

When traveling throughout South America, you will encounter a variety of haunted locations that include the Cuzco Cemetery at Guantanamo Bay, as well as a haunted canyon in Ilobasco, El Salvador. In this article, you will also read of other scary areas located in Peru and Honduras.


In Ilobasco, El Salvador, there is a haunted canyon by the name of Sayulapa, which is where you will find a female ghost referred to as La Llorona. More than 100 years ago, it is said that this woman murdered her two children by drowning them to death. All of this was done so that she could wed a wealthy rancher that she had fallen for. Several events take place within this canyon. Some claim that if you call out her name three times, she will appear. Within the canyon, there have been reports that the cries of small children can be heard.


Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is a place filled with an array of eerie tales. Upon visiting the Cuzco Cemetery, some say that the ghost of a soldier can be seen, guarding an area located close to the beach. A female ghost has also been known to sit underneath a tree within the cemetery. At the Naval Station, sailors spoke of the sound of footsteps when there appeared to be no one in sight, as they stood out on the pier. While standing guard at the Leeward Post at this same Naval Station, some have reported to see the ghost of a woman dressed in white. It is suggested that her attire is that of a Navy uniform. She can be seen standing by the edge of the cliff. Before you can grasp what you are seeing, you will see her jump off of the cliff.

Built in 1777, the San Fernando de Omoa Fort in Omoa, Honduras can be found facing the Caribbean Sea. It was created in order to protect against gruesome British pirate attacks, which were always in search of goods, such as silver shipments traveling to Spain. In this area, there have been reports regarding the sound of cannons being fired throughout the night, where the source has been pinpointed to the upper floor of the fort. Some claim to hear sounds of those in pain, as well as the voices of men who are shouting out orders. When researchers climbed to the top of the fort during the 1900’s, there was nothing unusual to report.


At the former Yojoa Asylum in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a park now stands at its location. Although the area is now used for recreation, the asylum’s building is still intact. Some have claimed to see individuals in white suits looking out of the windows.


In Lima, Peru, you will find the Cementerio el Angel holds a certain mystique. Numerous taxi drivers have claimed to be asked for rides close to where the cemetery is located. As the taxi driver nears the given address, he soon realizes that there passenger has vanished into thin air.