Haunted Spots in the Niagara Falls Area

One of the most popular vacation spots for honeymooners, lovers, friends and family is Niagara Falls, which is situated on the border of where America and Canada meet. Tons of hotels filled with heart-shaped Jacuzzi tubs and rooms with a waterfall view can be found all over the area. There is more than just the Falls that is a fascinating attraction luring tourists to the scene; numerous haunted sites and ghosts also catch the eye or two of a few ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts.


At the Cavendish Manor, witnesses claim to have encountered a variety of odd events on the premises. For example, a few strange sightings have included the viewing of ghosts of what appears to be young girls. They have been seen running about this location, especially in the back stairwell and kitchen lobby area. It is said that the ghosts of the girls come from an accident that took place at a swimming pool. A school used to be situated at this site before it became the Manor. The little girls drowned in the pool while attending the school. Some of the residents at the Manor believe that they have heard the giggles, as well as screams of the ghostly children. It is believed that when heard, someone will die soon after.


In Niagara Falls, the Drummond Hill Cemetery has been known as the site where the battle of Lundy’s Lane was fought. Witnesses claim to have spotted the ghosts of soldiers who wander about the area. Just as quick as you catch sight of them is as quick as they disappear. When reaching Niagara on the Lake, you will encounter Fort George, which is frequently visited because of the numerous ghosts that one may meet up with at any given time. There are so many different ghosts who have chosen this site to haunt that ghost tours are given throughout the year. Visitors have seen ghostly crews beside their cannons, as well as soldiers peering out of the windows. Physicians have been spotted lugging around buckets filled with severed body parts. An odd voice can also be heard coming from the well area.

The Angel Inn is positioned at Niagara on the Lake, which is where the ghost of a British soldier can be encountered. During the War of 1812, America and Canada were at odds with one another. The British soldier’s life was taken by a few United States soldiers. He was murdered in the basement of what is now the Angel Inn. Today, when you visit this location, you will find that the bathrooms possess a “cold spot” upon entering, which is a signifier of paranormal activity. The ghost, who is known as Captain Swayze, is said to hold a grudge against Americans due to his death. When innkeepers attempt to serve a glass of Ameribeer, the Captain seems to take pleasure in disrupting the kegs containing that particular brew.