Haunted Spots Within the 49th State

It’s the 49th state within the United States, featuring the largest land area of all the U.S. states. Alaska not only provides a visitor with bear viewing, rafting, glacier and wildness cruises, but the state also has numerous haunted locations within its territory, including a hotel in Anchorage and haunted road in Chugiak.


In Anchorage, you will be able to find a host of interesting haunted locations, such as a particular Courtyard by Marriott. It is said that a man who had died at the hotel haunts room 201 at this lodging selection. Many believe his spirit still roams the hotel because his body was not found until many days had passed. This story is told among many hotel staff employees. Another ghost is said to call this Marriott his home and he goes by the name of Ken. He has been sighted in the courtyard, parking lot, as well as the gazebo. Rooms 103 and 107 present odd occurrences, including the presence of a cat that can be seen within these particular rooms.

Anchorage is also the location where one will encounter the Dimond Center. When the center was first laid down, the foundation was placed on top of a sacred burial ground dating back thousands of years. The sacred land belonged to the Natives who first called the area their home. When the mall was being built, construction workers came across a few graves while they were digging in the ground. Since they did not happen upon a mass gravesite, they continued to dig and built the mall, what is now believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the graves that were disturbed. 


Other spooky and haunted locations that can be found within Anchorage include Hanshew Middle School, the Anchorage Hotel, Ship Creek, the UAA Wendy Williamson Theater, as well as West High School, where locals believe that swamp creatures torment those inside the building.

In Chugiak, the Birchwood Saloon can be located, where apparitions haunt the site where a man died while shoveling snow. A power line that he touched with his shovel electrocuted him. Voices can also be heard, as well as the sight of odd occurrences, such as a jukebox that plays on its own. When you near the woods in South Birchwood, you will encounter Badarka Road, which is said to be haunted by the spirit of a five-year-old girl and her father. People have reported that they have spotted the vision of a little girl lying in her father�s arms. This can be seen at 3:30 in the morning. The little girl died die to an accident in the woods and her father stayed by her lifeless body until he died of hypothermia.

The Birch Hill Cemetery in Fairbanks is home to the ghost of a young girl that appears in a white dress. Fairbanks is also the location of reports of glowing balls that appear in the sky close to Chena Hot Springs Road. Nurses at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital have claimed to feel the presence of angels when a baby dies in the nursery. Reports of the temperature dropping to 60 degrees during these occurrences have been documented.


Other haunted spots throughout Alaska include: the Northern Lights Hotel in Fairbanks; Kenai Cemetery; Gakona Lodge and Trading Post; Ketchikan Graveyard; the Old Jesse Lee Home in Seward, as well as the Bailey Furniture Store in Soldotna.