Haunted Stays: Provincial Hotel

If you are a paranormal seeker, then it’s probably pretty fun to stay at a hotel that possesses a shady history or serves as a haunted site for restless souls and resident ghosts. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of the Provincial Hotel, found in New Orleans, Louisiana.

There’s elegance and charm infused throughout the Provincial Hotel, which offers a bit of Southern hospitality mixed with a playground atmosphere for the ghost hunter at heart. Do you dare spend the night at an establishment that is reputed to house more than one ghost? Could you ever imagine spending your honeymoon in a place when the ghost stories keep coming in throughout the years?

Rumor has it that a pair of guests from Washington State stayed at the hotel while in town attending a convention. It is their belief that their room was not only occupied by them, but by the ghost that is said to have chosen the room as his stomping grounds. The ghost is said to have been a soldier in his former life, possessing a love for country music. As they entered their room for the night, an employee of the hotel took pleasure in telling them the tale of the soldier.

Once the member of staff opened the door, the story goes that a man dressed in a 1930’s Khaki military uniform was standing in their midst. Medals were visible and he wore a hat. In a matter of seconds, the ‘ghost’ disappeared, but not right after looking the couple in the face. Throughout their entire stay, they probably engaged in a lot of holding on to one another and cuddling because they stated that they felt that they were always being watched. The couple also took pictures and claimed to have caught the ghost on film.

This isn’t the only tale or description of the antics attributed to the country music -loving soldier. For example, it is said that if you turn the radio to a station (no matter which one) , the ghost makes sure that it returns to the Oldies rock station. It seems that he only likes to listen to WTIX-Fm 94.3.

A private séance even took place at the hotel, where the ghost is said to have fully made himself appear to those involved. The gathering may have even produced a tape of the ghost attempting to make verbal contact. Allegedly, the ghost uttered, “Please Tell Diane I have to go.” Another round of EVP revealed that the ghost exclaimed, “I need to leave. She doesn’t love me she loves you.” Images caught on both film and video has showed a man with a serious face. Sometimes, only his medals and uniform are seen.

Additional information regarding this haunted choice of lodging includes:

·    Doors that open and shut on their own
·    Unexplainable footsteps
·    Odd whispering noises
·    Colds spots that turn into heated zones

Perhaps the ghost has something to do with the location being a former hospital for Confederate soldiers.