Haunted Stull Cemetery , Kansas

When it comes to scary haunted final resting places, Stull Cemetery in Kansas has quite a reputation. While the infamous church is no longer standing, paranormal enthusiasts and haunted tale lovers enjoy learning about the history of the cemetery. In this article, you will learn about the haunted past of Stull Cemetery in Kansas.  

The Stull Cemetery is situated about 10 miles west of Lawrence, Kansas. Found in the northeast part of the state, you will hit it as you travel west on Route 40. When you’re in the vicinity of Clinton State Park, you will run into the town of Stull. It is here that the Stull Cemetery has scared many locals. It’s so terrifying that it has accumulated several different nicknames in its day, including Seven Lost Gates of Hell, the Cemetery of The Damned, Satan’s Burial Ground, and the most known , the Seventh Gate to Hell. Locals have whispered that the cemetery is the site where the Devil holds court with his lost worshippers.

Haunting of the Devil’s Child

One of the haunted tales of Kansas centers on the half-human child thought to be the only offspring of the Devil. It is believed that the child was buried here. Appearing in the form of a 9 to 11 year old boy, it is thought that the kid has the ability to shape shift , sometimes transforming into a dog, cat or wolf. Others believe he was born as a werewolf. Stories often describe the child as being covered with long red hair at birth with a full set of two rows of double teeth. Ever since he was born, his appearance made him an outcast, and it is said that he was chained under the house. He ate like a wild animal , consuming scraps of food that were tossed at him.

One story says that when he was 10 years old, he chewed off his own hand and escaped. When he was in town, he killed someone that he came across in town. For 11 months, he went on a killing spree until a farmer put an end to his life. When he was buried, the body was placed in an unmarked grave. It is said that the spring and autumn equinoxes bring about evil energy, orbs and strange lights that appear near or over his grave at the haunted cemetery.

The Ghostly Witch

Another haunted tale of Stull Cemetery involves the ghost of a witch that people believe will curse at you for stepping on her grave. The ghost appears as a tall woman with white hair. Some have come to the cemetery and recorded EVPs that sound like she is saying, “keep away from my bones” and “watch your step.” Buried next to her is her last husband. Rumor has it that she hated him and the soil around his gravesite sometimes becomes pushed up , her way of trying to get him to move somewhere else.