Haunted Tales of the White House

Dolley MadisonWhile there are many different ghost tales associated with the White House and a few other buildings about the District of Columbia, an array of additional creatures and paranormal happenings have also taken place. In this article, you will learn of the resident phantom black cat, the president who often dwells in the attic, and what makes Dolly Madison appear to workers in full rage.


With the supposed ability to predict national distress and tragedies, it is believed that a phantom black cat haunts the basement of the White House and appears in moments where the United States stands still and mourns. The black cat has made its presence known just before John F Kennedy was killed, right before the stock market crash of the 1920s took place, and on many other different occasions throughout history.


While working in the gardens of the White House, some workers have had a nasty encounter with the ghost of the wife of President James Madison (Dolley), who appears quite mad every time someone attempts to change the appearance of her gardens.


Throughout the hallways, the ghost of Abigail Adams has been seen wandering about the hallways in a manner that looks as if she is carrying something in her hands. Witnesses believe she is transporting laundry. As Adams enjoys appearing in the hallways, the ghost of President Harrison has made the attic his sanctuary, where he is often heard stirring about.


Lincoln’s bedroom has always been a source of ghost tales regarding the White House, where he has been known to make an appearance throughout different parts of the room. His ghost has been spotted walking about the room and sticking close to his window. Some witnesses claim that he can be heard “moaning and groaning” in his room. The ghost of President Lincoln also holds a reputation for appearing in all sorts of places about the White House. The Rose Bedroom also has the ghost of a former president that likes to stay in the room. President Andrew Jackson’s ghost has been seen in his bed situated in his previous room.

The District of Columbia also offers a variety of additional haunted locations that may prove interesting to the historic ghost hunter. The Capitol Building is one of those places that carry its fair share of paranormal activity and ghostly encounters. For instance, in the middle of the night, a guard once came across a hall filled with presidential statues that he claims came to life and moved about the room.


At the Rotunda, it is seen that a worker that was killed on the premises can be seen floating about the area carrying a tray in its hands. In the past, the Capitol Building once served as a barracks and hospital when the Civil War was in progress.
  It is also believed that the spirit of a soldier from the Civil War will run through the Rotunda when crowds have gathered. Also, the Senate holds a tale regarding a worker who was said to have become sealed alive in a wall during the construction of the building and is sometimes seen on the premises.