Haunted Texas: Abilene, Corpus Christi, Odessa & Pecos

The next time you think of or travel through Texas, you may want to know some of the legends, eerie places, as well as terrifying tales that plague or liven up some of the cities throughout the state. In this article, you will learn of haunted expo centers, motels, airplane hangars as well as a poker-playing ghost.


When visiting Abilene, you will find what is called the Anson Light. This bluish-colored light will disappear as you drive towards it. Many turn their car around so that their vehicle is facing the cemetery. If you flash your headlights for three times, you may see the same lights flashing back at you. The legend behind this tale is that a woman carrying a lantern would be on the lookout for her children. The light flashing process was their way of communicating to let her know that they were coming home. At the Abilene Expo Center, you will encounter an array of odd footsteps, voices, as well as unexplainable noises. These occurrences have been heard during the nighttime by the barns where the cows are kept.


When you are looking for a place to stay while traveling through the city, you will find the Travel Lodge Motel, where three connected rooms are supposedly haunted. In one of the rooms, the lights will turn on and off by themselves. Another room is home to a ghost that often messes with the possessions of those who stay there. Under the bed, credit cards, licenses and money have been found, arranged as if someone was playing poker with them. The last of the connected rooms will present a nasty-smelling odor between the hours of 12 and 2:30. It is believed that the same spirit is responsible for all of the occurrences at this motel.

Moving on to Corpus Christi, you will find the Bill Witt Park Airplane Hangar, which is haunted by the spirit of a man who committed suicide. He hung himself in the rafters of the hanger and can be spotted looking through the broken windows. The hangar is not in use anymore. The Calallen High School possesses a haunted elevator that can be found close to the Theater Arts room. When night falls, it will open and close on its own, when there is clearly no one to push the buttons. During activities, several students have witnessed this occurrence more than once. A janitor at the school also claims to see the ghost of a teenage girl, who used to be a student at the school. She can be seen roaming the halls when the school is empty.


The Ector Junior High in Odessa was once a high school during the 1960s. At that school, the students were in the habit of teasing one of the janitors. Feeling the pressure, the janitor climbed to the top of the balcony in the auditorium and hung himself. His ghost has been seen wandering about the balcony and stage. On the West Side of town, there is an old building that served as an insane asylum. Numerous patients have killed themselves while in the building and are said to still roam the halls in search for their doctor. The doors and windows of the building have been boarded up to ease the worries of the town. Later, teenagers broke in and set a fire. It is said if you pass by this location during the night, you may catch a light glow coming from the upstairs area.


The area around the Santa Rosa Church is the site where the ghost of a woman can be heard weeping as you wanders about the streets. The unexplainable sound of clicking high heels is also attributed to this spirit. At the Bessie Haynes Elementary, the school is said to be haunted by the ghost of a builder, who fell through the roof and died as a result. The school is now named after her. Numerous witnesses believe to have seen her ghost about the halls, as well as heard her voice in the female restroom, where she spends most of her time. Another haunted school in the area is the Lamar Middle School, where the assumed vision of a young ghost can be seen swinging on a swing. The vision is believed to be the spirit of a boy who died after falling and fatally injuring his head.