Haunted Theatres in Ohio

Tales of haunted theatres are everywhere and the state of Ohio is no exception. In this article, you will encounter some of the theatres that have a paranormal history, including in cities such as Circleville, Wooster, Cleveland, and Dayton.  

Roundtown Theatre , Circleville

With many reports of odd sights and mysterious sounds, the Roundtown Theater is said to have a handful of playful poltergeists on the property. Sometimes, it is the balcony where eerie footsteps have been heard. Other times, it is the sighting of a ghost nicknamed Charlie, who supposedly likes to look out of mirrors. One instance, a dog had been frightened so badly that it had to be taken out of the building.

Trumbell County Campus Theatre , Warren

Kent State University is where you will find the Trumbell County Campus Theatre , home to a supposed female apparition that is said to appear in a blue dress. She is often seen sitting outside of the theatre lobby. Other people have reported to hear unexplainable footsteps and feel as if they are not alone when paying a visit to the theatre.

Freedlander Theatre , Wooster

Ghostly people dressed in 20th century clothing have been reported to sit in several rows of the theatre , looking as if they are waiting for a production to begin. While they appear to be laughing and talking, no sound is heard from those that have encountered this sight. The Freedlander Theatre can be found at the College of Wooster.

Variety Theater , Cleveland

If you head to Loraine Ave, you will find the Variety Theater, which has a tale of a figure in white that likes to appear by an old water fountain located on the first floor. There are also claims that a man with red eyes has been seen on the upper balcony. Noises have been reported to take place on the stage, where some suspect it is a ghostly reenactment of a man that had fallen off of a lighting scaffold and died on the stage.

Victoria Theatre , Dayton

It is said that the ghost of a former actress from the 1920s haunts the Victoria Theater. She had performed many times at the theatre and after one of her productions; she retired to her dressing room, locked the door, and was never seen again. To this day, no one knows what happened to the actress. In time, people had stopped asking about what came of the actress until the theater was undergoing a renovation. Strange occurrences started to take place. Late at night, people claimed to have seen or heard the actress. Lights would go on and off by themselves and strange sounds were detected. On the night that the actress vanished, she was wearing rose perfume and this is the scent that hits the air when it is suspected she is in the vicinity.