Haunted Theatres in the United States

With a reputation for the dramatic, theatres put on productions from classic plays to cutting-edge masterpieces. When it comes to haunted theatres, many tales involve a former actor or actress that once graced the stage of the theatre. They’re either guiding new thespians or angry at a missed chance of fame. In this article, you will encounter haunted theatres in the United States found in Minnesota, Ohio, Connecticut, and Utah.

Kelsey Theatre , Northfield, Minnesota

The ghost of Miss Kelsey is believed to haunt this theater found on the grounds of St. Olaf College. Sometimes, she has been seen playing the onstage piano. One actor claims that her ghost warned him that he was about to fall into the orchestra pit, as he rehearsed his lines alone in the middle of the night.

Zanesville Community Theatre , Zanesville, Ohio

When actors and actresses are rehearsing for a show, voices and music can be heard backstage, but when someone goes to check on the ruckus, no one is in sight.

Warner Theater , Torrington, Connecticut

The Warner Theater has a history that dates back to the early 1900s. The ghost on the premises is believed to go by the name of Murph. When alive, Murph was a homeless man who was attempting to break into the theater for shelter during the night. However, he was intoxicated and fell down the stairs that led to the basement. It is said that he is the cause of cold winds felt in the middle of summer and for the odd occurrences that performers had encountered in the theater. He is also blamed for levers that mysteriously switch off and malfunctioning lights.

Spanish Fork High School Theater , Spanish Fork, Utah

The small theater nicknamed “Little Theater” at the Spanish Fork High School is said to be haunted by a former employee who worked as a custodian. After the school was first constructed and the small theater built, an accident involving the custodian took place. He was standing on the catwalk located above the stage and was installing the bulbs used for spot lighting. He slipped and fell and since no one was around at the time , he died.

Rumor has it that you shouldn’t go into the theater by yourself and that it’s best to enter in groups. To this day, drama teachers are still aware of the paranormal mystique that the theater possesses. Some claim that when they have been in the theater on their own, the curtains have risen and fallen by themselves. Sound effects have been reported to play at will. Stage lights also flicker on and off.

Joe E Brown Theatre , Bowling Green, Ohio

At Bowling Green State University, it is rumored that a ghost named Alice haunts the Joe E Brown Theatre. When students have entered what is known as the Hat Room in the theatre, they’ve remarked that a strange presence can be felt.