Haunted Universities and Schools Throughout Maine

A ghost wanders down an empty hallway with watercolor drawing decorating the walls. Unexplainable noises go bump in the night. These are some of the things that may occur when a school is haunted. In this article, you will encounter haunted universities and other learning institutions throughout the state of Maine.


When visiting the University of Maine at Farmington, you will find numerous haunted locations at this site. The auditorium serves as home to the ghost of Lilian Nordica, who was a well-known opera singer. Her spirit is said to wander about the auditorium that was placed at the university and named after her. It is said that she can be heard singing in the stage area during the evening.


The Mallet Hall dorm is known for numerous hauntings and odd occurrences at this location. The ghost of a small girl, who some believe to be named Mary can be found on the premises. The doors throughout the halls may became shut and closed on their own. Mary is said to be quite harmless, moving clothes and other items about a room, as well as going into the dressers of students. A dorm mother also hung herself within this dorm and it is believed that her ghost haunts her former room. The basement of Mallet Hall is considered an eerie place to be while on campus. Hostels can be found in this area, where most individuals do not dare enter. The third floor is considered to be one of the most haunted spots at the university. Many claim to have encountered a few evil presences there.


In Gorham, you will find the University of Southern Maine. Cold spots and unexplainable footsteps are just some of the reports that come from this school. Objects have been known to move on their own, as well as other harmless tricks. Clocks have been known to reset in front of students, where other items, such as stereos and televisions will seem to have a mind of their own.


At the Robie-Andrews Dorm, a murder or suicide occurred on the fourth floor during the 20th century. Today, you will find the women’s learning center at the site. A ghost has been spotted several times here, as well as paranormal activity and cold spots. In the empty attic, students have heard unexplainable footsteps. Once, a student who lived close to the attic stairwell felt as if someone was tugging at her arm when no one was around. She also felt as if her room was constantly cold. Many believe that there are at least five spirits that haunt the dorm. One of the most sighted ghosts is thought to be that of a female college student, who took her own life when she found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend left her soon after. This ghost dates back to the 1800s.


In Bellevue, you will encounter the Brian Senior High School, where a quarrel between two kids turned quite gruesome. One of the children was in the process of hitting another when he fell and broke his neck. From that day, odd occurrences have happened at this school. An invisible force has been known to shove students, as well as move objects from one place to another. The dark shadow of a child has also been sighted.


Throughout the years, three people have lost their lives while on the Old Brunswick High School. Odd events, such as unexplainable door slamming and the movement of objects have been reported at this site. The Caribou High School in Caribou, the moaning of a teenager boy has been heard on the premises. He is said to have lost his life during a knife fight that took place in the parking lot.