Haunted Villages in England Part 1

While large cities are known to harbor some of the most interesting ghost tales and eerie legends, villages are also known to possess their own kind of scariness, especially the ones situated within remote and isolated regions. Throughout the world, there are plenty of villages with their own story to tell, including some riddled with angry female spirits and others with a sad past that keeps coming to affect the future of a location. In this article, you will learn of haunted places, such as Aylemerton and Old Portsmouth.


Situated close to the Norfolk coastline, residents in the town of Aylemerton tell the tale about an assortment of sizeable circular pits indenting the ground that many believe are the remains of a settlement from prehistoric times. A ghost dressed in while is known to appear close to the pits, where witnesses claim he or she appears to be looking for something. The spirit is often described as letting out a scream that sends chills up and down the backs of those in the vicinity. This is why this part of the village is known as the “Shrieking Pits.”


As for the ghost of James Hill (also known as “Jack the Painter”), Old Portsmouth in Hampshire is no stranger to the site of this restless inhabitant. The streets of the village are known as the stomping grounds for this ghost, who was accused of trying to set the Portsmouth Dockyard on fire. His legacy remains so strong that his tale has survived since 1776, which is the same time he was hung for his crime. In the afterlife, Hill proves an unhappy camper, as he makes himself known at many different places in the village (with the sound of heavy chains dragging behind him).


In England, Beccles is known for the number of ghosts situated in the vicinity with one of the prime locations in the village being Roos Hall. This is why the area is known as one of the most haunted places in all of England. One of the more prominent stories deals with the phantom coach and four horses known to pay routine visits on Christmas Eve. Throughout the gardens, a headless man leads the coach , who is suspected as a bridegroom who never made it to his nuptials.


Another haunted tale regarding Beccles involves an old oak tree that once served as the site of many local hangings. It is believed that the ghosts of many former criminals haunt the site, which also holds a tempting challenge for anyone that dares. If you are brave enough to walk around the tree six times, you
  may come face-to-face with the Devil. The walls inside of Roos Hall is said to display marks that residents refer to as the “Devil’s footprints.”