Haunted Villages in England Part 2

When traveling throughout Suffolk or Norfolk, you will encounter a host of legendary villages that hold interesting ghost tales and odd occurrences. In this article, you will come across the site where a well-known actor might be encountered, as well as a hall with quite a few tales attached to it.


There are many different ghosts that reside in Beccles, Suffolk. In England, they especially enjoy roaming about the grounds of Roos Hall, which is considered one of the most haunted places throughout the country. A well-known tale about the land includes that of the phantom coach driven by four horses. This isn’t the curious part of this tale; it is the headless driver that attracts the attention. Many people look at his clothing and believe he was a bridegroom that never made it to his wedding. When he makes an appearance, he is often seen traveling throughout the gardens at Roos (especially on Christmas Eve).


Another tale regarding the Roos Hall area involves an oak tree that can be found at the same location where local thieves and criminals were sent to be hung. When it comes to the haunting of this site, not only do the criminals roam about the premises, but their victims as well. A legend at the location says that is you have enough nerve to complete, walking around this same tree for six times will bring you close to the Devil. If you visit the inside of Roos Hall, you will encounter interesting marks on one of the walls. Some believe that this is the sign of the Devil’s footprints.


If you ever have a chance to visit Happisburgh, this village is said to present some of the most gruesome spirits that ever haunted the town of Norfolk. During the 1800s, local farmers reported the sight of the ghost of a legless torso whose head is seen dangling from a thread of flesh. His spirit travels from the waters to an ancient well in the city, where he sets down a sack that he is known to carry with him. The sight so bothered the farmers that they decided to seek out the contents of the well. To their horror, a dismantled human body was found.


As locals struggled to figure out how the body came to be in the well, some started to invent their own side of the story. One of the theories dealt with the tale of a murdered man who was a smuggler and was killed after engaging in a fight over some of the stolen property with some of the fellas he committed the crime with.


In Bramshott Village, it is believed that the ghost of a well-known actor in American films calls this location in Hampshire his personal haunting grounds. Did you ever think that Boris Karloff, who played the infamous Frankenstein monster in the movies, would call this village his home in the afterlife? Actually, Karloff lived in a cottage in this part of town during his last years. His ghost has been seen on more than one occasion, wandering about the premises.