Haunted Villages in England

While there are plenty of cities, states, and islands often mentioned in haunted tales about the world, what ever happened to the small sections of town? Villages also hold great haunted tales, which offer an assortment of interesting tales to pass on or scary legends to explore. This article will take a look at the villages of Aylemerton, Great Melton, Old Portsmouth, and in the village of Horning.


When visiting Aylemerton, you will find yourself located close to the Norfolk coastline. It is at this town that you will come across a gathering of large circular pits situated on the ground. As rumor has it, this location was once the site of a prehistoric settlement. If you venture close to the pits, you might encounter an all-white ghost that is often described as looking for something. The spirit at the pits has been known to send out a scream that sends chills up and down the backs of those who come in contact with the ghost. This is why this attraction in Aylemerton is referred to as the “Shrieking Pits.”


In the village of Great Melton, the region is said haunted by four female ghosts that have sad tales attached to their spirits. Just to get an idea of what happened to these unlucky ladies, they are seen by witnesses wearing bridesmaid dresses. They do not float about in the air, but are seen riding in a coach about town. When one encounters these ghostly women, some claim that they are headless while others describe the visions as having rather attractive faces. Legend has it that the young girls were on their way to a wedding and met an untimely death by way of an accident.


In Old Portsmouth, the village serves as home to the ghost of James Hill, which is also referred to as “Jack the Painter.” Throughout the streets of Old Portsmouth, the ghost roams. The soul of this ghost is in torment for the crimes he committed while alive. Jack the Painter was known for trying to set the Portsmouth Dockyard on fire in 1776. For this act, he was hung. There have been many different places that his ghost is said to appear, often seen lugging heavy chains wherever he goes.


If you ever have the chance to visit Horning, you might be able to enjoy an event that takes places once every five years. During the 5th century AD, Ella was given the crown and title of King of the Angles. This occurrence took place after the Romans left their places throughout East Anglia. On July 21st, the spirits reenact the coronation of the king as they gather by the river located in the village.


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