Health-Related Haunts within Saskatchewan

The next time you are in the Saskatchewan area, you may want to take a look at some of the haunted spots that can be found throughout this destination. Below, you will learn of some of the health-related haunted locations in the area.


In Northern Battleford, you will encounter the Saskatchewan Hospital, which served as a mental institution during the early 1900s. At this location, all of the employees, as well as all of the patients lived out their days and passed away on the premises. Hidden by the thickness of overgrown greenery, you will find an old cemetery. Odd happenings have been known to occur at this site, including unexplainable lights and sounds that can be seen and heard. Coming from behind the tombstones, witnesses claim to have heard whispers, but when they turned to see where the sounds were coming from, there was no one in sight.


The hospital itself is a treasure filled with legends and haunted tales. During the early 30s, a wing located within the hospital burned down, also seriously injuring one of the patients. After a few days had passed, the patient that was burned lost her battle for life and died. It is said that her ghost can be spotted roaming about the charred hospital wing. This ghost seems to appear during the night. The hospital provides entry to a series of buildings on the grounds through a system of underground tunnels. Employees traveling through the tunnels have encountered a variety of oddities, including passing by people, who at second glance disappear into thin air. Some avoid this hospital at all costs, claiming to feel chills run up and down their spine every time they enter the facility, as well as “feel” an extra pair of unknown eyes following their every move.


When venturing into the Regina area, the Regina General Hospital is thought to be haunted. Some have reported a phantom nurse, who speedily passes by them. She is thought to be a ghost because she is faster than any known human. Some have claimed to see the ghost of an older nurse behind them when in the bathrooms. When they turn around to greet her, she disappears.

There is an old hospital located in Nokomis has a reputation for being a hard find. Some say it can be found positioned within the middle of a field and that it is rather hard to reach at first try. Guiding one to the second floor, there is an eerie spiral staircase that can be found within the inner parts of the hospital. Another strange feature of this location is the trap door, which is situated on the main floor. This is one of the only ways to reach the basement area. Some say that there is the ghost of a man, who can be seen sitting at the window. He has been known to wave at people who are outside the premises. For teenagers, the hospital is a popular scene to hold get-togethers and other parties. They creep into the area during the night, tempting by the haunted nature of the hospital. It is said that late at night, the scream of a young girl, who was tortured on the premises, can be heard.