Hollywood Ghost Encounters: Grace Kelly, Paul McCartney & More

Sometimes a ghost that appears to the living may possess some pretty nice credentials to their name, such as starring in a variety of film hits. Sometimes celebrities who are alive and well may experience some sort of paranormal activity. In this article, you will learn of a few, including stars like Sting and Uma Thurman.


Some ghosts just will not give it a rest and insist on haunting their own stomping grounds. Such is the case with Rudolph Valentino, the famous leading man in an array of silent films, who has been spotted at his former Hollywood home. His favorite haunting areas include his bedroom, as well as the stables. Another deceased star that likes to return to their bedroom is Jean Harlow, who is said to haunt this room at her former North Palm Drive residence. This is also the site where her husband was supposedly inflicting harm to her.


Another star from the silent screen era is Mary Pickford, who wore many hats within the entertainment field. Not only was she an actress, but also wrote and produced, as well as served as the co-founder of United Artists. Comedian, Buddy Rogers purchased a former home of Pickford and claims to have encountered her ghost. He stated that she was wearing a white dress with ruffles when she appeared to him.


As for celebrities that have witnessed or encountered entities from the spirit world, Princess Stephanie of Monaco believes that the ghost of her mother, who was Grace Kelly, aided her in the completion of a song she wrote. Speaking of singers and songwriters, rocker, Sting and his wife, Trudie reported to have seen ghosts within their home, claimed that he was quite frightened and believing that ghosts truly do exist.


Claiming that ghosts helped him end his cocaine addiction, Richard Dreyfuss claimed to have experienced visions of spirits. After a car accident during the late 70s, Dreyfuss started to have visions of a ghostly child. The girl was an image that he could not escape. He claimed that the visions became clearer and clearer as the days passed, but he longed to know what this child represented. He came to the conclusion that the ghostly image was either a representation of the daughter he never had or the child that he didn’t kill on the night he had the car accident. After this conclusion, he kicked his habit.


Former husband and wife, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, abandoned what they thought was their Sneden’s Landing, New York dream home after they encountered paranormal activity. To this day, they prefer not to speak upon what they encountered during their brief stay.


Sir Paul McCartney claimed that in 1995 when he and the rest of the Beatles were recording a song by John Lennon, they could feel his “playful spirit” among them. He stated that within the studio, they encountered odd, unexplainable noises, as well as equipment that would misbehave. All three remaining Beatles believed that he was in the room with them. The pop singer and member of the Go-Gos, Belinda Carlisle claims to have seen a misty shape float above her as she slept in bed. She also believes that she had an out-of-body experience when she was a teenager living at her parent’s house.