Hollywood Guide to Haunted Hot Spots Part 1

Hollywood has always been an intriguing place to visit throughout the United States, as it is the watering hole for the Kings and Queens of the silver screen, popular television, and the dramatics of a good soap opera. This is probably why the haunted tales associated with Hollywood are a bit more interesting than the usual haunted house story. This article will outline a few paranormal hotspots to pay a visit.


The Hollywood Sign


As you gaze at the infamous Hollywood sign, you probably didn’t know that it was the last place that a young starlet named Peg Entwistle (February 6, 1908, September 18, 1932) drew her last breath. After many tries in the industry, Entwistle felt her chances of making it big slip through her hands, as she was offered no parts and received no head nods from producers. She began drinking and one night, she told her uncle she was taking a walk to the drug store, but did not end up there. Instead, she reached the Hollywood sign, which was then “Hollywoodland” until 1949, and began to climb up a maintenance ladder.


From the top of the “H” in the sign, she took a dive to her death. Since then, her ghost is believed to walk about the wooded hillside where the sign resides. Ironically, the young actress should have waited just a little bit longer, as a couple of days later, a letter addressed to her from the Beverly Hills Playhouse had given her a offer to play the lead role in a stage production. To make the ironic twist tighter , her potential character would commit suicide in the final act.


Odd Activity

2320 Bowman Drive

Beverly Hills


While you’re in the Beverly Hills area and wish to pass by another haunted house in the neighborhood, the above residence doesn’t occupy anyone famous, but the paranormal activity is quite unusual. Several occupants of the house claim to have witnessed messed up bed caused by no one visible; pillows that have been cut open; and the strange impression of a body that is seen on mattresses with no one lying on them.


Hodiak Haunting

8650 Pinetree Place

Los Angeles


Anne Baxter is known as an Academy Award-winning actress, who took home an Oscar for her role as Best Supporting Actress in The Razor’s Edge. Her first marriage was to John Hodiak, an actor who starred in several films during the 1940s and 1950s.


Hodiak died after their divorce at the age of 41 , he had suffered a heart attack. Although he is interred within the main mausoleum at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles (Block 303, Crypt D-1 to be exact), his ghost is known to haunt his former residence that lay tucked about a hillside. During the 1970s, an agent by the name of Hal Gefsky, lived in the home and was told by guest that Hodiak’s specter could be seen floating outside of a window located on the second floor. Gefsky even went so far to admit that he has received phone calls from the ghost, but all he could decipher was a light “hello.” Today, the residence is private, but you can at least see it from the outside.