Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery Ghosts

Throughout the city, plenty of celebrities have chosen an array of locations about town to spend their afterlife. For some, it might be a favorite hotel, while others enjoy the comforts of a former home. Some ghosts have also been known to hang around a favorite restaurants or pub. In this article, we will learn of some of the places in Hollywood that the likes of silent film stars and attractive leading men might be encountered.


When it comes to the Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery, there are several different famous faces and spirits interred on the premises. Located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, the final resting places of a wide-range of well-known Hollywood names can be found here. Today, every since 1998, the cemetery was renamed and is now known as the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Whether you are a fan of Charlie Chaplin Jr. or always had a thing for Rudolph Valentino, these two characters are buried here. The grave of the debonair Douglas Fairbanks is also situated at the cemetery.


When it comes to spirits that have not given up on the living, Clifton Webb is one of those restless souls. Webb took on the famous role of the original “Mr. Belvedere” and was seen in movies, such as “The Man Who Never Was,” as well as the 1953 film, “Titanic.” Webb’s spirit has made his presence known more than once and is thought to have chosen the foyer of the Abbey of Palms Mausoleum as his stomping ground during the afterlife. Webb is another case of a ghost that seems to appear in more than one place. Witnesses claim that he has haunted his former Hollywood Hills residence as well.


Another ghost seen at the Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery is that of Virginia Rappe. Sometimes when a scandal occurs, main players fade into the shadows of the accused perpetrator. Rappe was the victim of the scandal involving Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, which occurred during the days of silent movies. It was thought that the silent film actress was raped by Arbuckle and later died from complications incurred during the act.


Rappe lost her life and Arbuckle was eventually acquitted of playing a part in the death of the unfortunate starlet. There was never enough evidence to prove he was responsible for her death. In the long run, Arbuckle was never able to resurrect his career, but in the end, he still had his life. It is said that the ghost of Rappe can be heard crying out or weeping close to her final resting place at Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery.


Rudolph Valentino was known as the “Great Latin Lover” and is now buried in the Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery. Some say that his ghost may roam about his final resting place. Besides his ghost, some claim to have encountered the ghost of Pola Negri, who is known as the “The Lady in Black.” It is her ghost that frequently visit Valentino’s grave. From 1910 to 1930, Negri served as a Polish silent film actress, taking on sensual femme fatale roles. During her lifetime, she was known to hold a burning flame for whom she called the “greatest love of her life.