How Do Ghosts Communicate? Seeing and Feeling

If you believe that ghosts have the power to communicate with the living, then you may want to get familiar with the different ways that you may encounter a ghost. They tend to use methods that will appeal to one or more of your senses. In this article, you will learn some of the approaches that a ghost will use to make themselves known.

Your Eyes

Ghosts use visual tactics to make contact with the living. A spirit could manifest in front of your very eyes , taking on the form of an ectoplasmic being. Ectoplasm is believed to be produced by physical mediums when they are in a trance state. The material drapes over the nonphysical body so that they are able to interact with physical beings. Some describe the substance as being ‘gauze-like.’

Ghosts may make objects move around a room. A popular item that spirits are said to take interest in is moving an image that depicts what they looked like when they were among the living. When something is misplaced at a haunted location, such as a brush or pillow in a haunted hotel, it is often blamed on resident ghosts. Sometimes, witnesses claim to see objects move while in their presence, such as a chair that ‘flies’ across a room or a door slams unexpectedly.

The mirror is an object that is often used by ghosts to communicate with the living. Sometimes, the ectoplasmic shape of a ghost is thought to appear in a mirror when the spirit is not visible in any other part of the room. Some have claimed to have seen the face of a ghost look back at them when they’ve peered into a mirror. Your peripheral vision can play a role in coming in contact with a ghost , some people believe they have seen a spirit when looking out of the side of their field of vision. Ghosts may interfere with visual effects in a room , they could cause the lights to flicker on and off, or make appliances work without warning.

Your Nose

When a ghost affects your sense of smell, you may encounter a floral fragrance, which is commonly reported during an encounter. If you are coming in contact with a spirit that you know, associated scents could come into play. For instance, if you have an uncle that used to smoke cigars in his lifetime and you detect the smell of cigar smoke in a room that no one has smoked in , it could very well be the presence of your deceased uncle.

Your Sense of Touch

The sensations that your body and skin detect when spirits and ghosts are around may come in the form of tickling on the body , perhaps you’ve been touched or kissed by a spirit. If pressure starts to build on the top of your head, it could signify the opening of your crown chakra, which has the ability to receive messages. Chills on the back of the neck or head may occur with hairs standing up all over your body. Cold breezes that pass through the room are also an indication of a presence in a room. Cold spots in a room are also associated with ghosts.